THE WINNER OF THE APC AFRICA HAFKIN COMMUNICATIONS PRIZE 2004-5: Global Education Partnership - Wundanyi, Kenya

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For young people living in poverty in coastal Kenya, surfing the internet and learning how to use computers make most sense when these skills mean better economic opportunities and work-readiness. In recognition of this, APC announced on May 26 that the winner of the APC Africa Hafkin Communications Prize for 2004-5 is the Global Education Partnership – Wundanyi in Kenya.

"If it were not for GEP, I would not have learned to use a computer," Jostinah Wawasi, a former GEP student told APC. "After GEP I joined a local university and majored in Economics. As a young woman living in Wundanyi, Kenya, this was not a usual career. My GEP experience helped me understand my talents and abilities. After graduation, I became a consultant in Wundanyi for a major agriculture project where I have helped my community members to set up savings and credit societies."

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