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Cool tools section features not-so-known tools which people in APC came across and found them useful. It covers both desktop applications, their plug-ins and extensions, as well as online tools and services
2 2 hace 5 años 43 semanas
por karel
This section might contain answers to problems you are having with your computer and the applications. We are publishing issues (and eventually solutions to them) “as they come”, so there is no particular order or system. Look for headlines and tags relevant to the issue you are struggling with.
3 3 hace 6 años 30 semanas
por jenny
Most of us are using only part of the potential of our computer and applications. Many operations can be done in several different ways, there are often workarounds which help with slow computer speed, low bandwidth we are on or annoying behavior of some applications... This section features tips and tricks on how to get best of your connectivity, equipment and applications.
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por karel

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