Frequently Asked Questions - What is the Internet Rights Monitor?

The Internet Rights Monitor is broken up into three sections:

The dynamic section, “Monitoring internet rights worldwide”, is the middle column on the Connect your rights site and is regularly updated with headlines around internet rights issues.

The more static sections, which includes the FAQ section and the Human Rights Mechanisms section, appear as separate tabs in the navigation bar.

The FAQ section explains what we mean by internet rights, and how they correspond to human rights. It also includes APC’s position on frequently asked questions, such as the role of intermediaries. This will be updated periodically to reflect APC’s position on new issues as they arise.

The Human Rights Mechanisms section is the complex legal jargon, intended to act as a kind of glossary to which the FAQ section can link to and refer. This section will only be updated in the event of major changes to the human rights or internet rights landscape, and is intended to act as a resource for legal-minded human rights defenders.

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