ICTs, Climate Change and Development: New Concept Paper and Scoping Study

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Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina

Two new documents on ICTs, climate change and development are available online at: http://www.niccd.org/resources.htm

Concept Paper: builds four new conceptual models –
i) Climate change vulnerability in developing countries;
ii) Climate change adaptation and adaptive capacity of communities and wider “livelihood systems”;
iii) Climate change resilience;
iv) The contribution of ICTs to ‘e-resilience’ and ‘e-adaptation’. The models can be used as the
foundation for research, consulting and strategy on ICTs and climate

Scoping Study: charts strands and trends in the literature on ICTs, climate change and development, and develops an overview model of the key ICT application areas – mitigation, strategy, monitoring and adaptation. The scoping study identifies priorities for future research in this field, provides a glossary of field terms, and includes an annotated bibliography of key documents from 1997-2010.

These documents are the product of the University of Manchester’s “Climate Change, Innovation and ICTs” research project, funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (http://www.idrc.ca) and managed by the University’s Centre for Development Informatics (http://www.manchester.ac.uk/cdi).

We encourage you to share ideas on ICTs, climate change and development via http://groups.google.co.uk/group/niccd and comment on key issues at: http://niccd.wordpress.com.
Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina
Climate Change, Innovation and ICTs Research Project
Centre for Development Informatics
School of Environment and Development
University of Manchester, UK

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