Saving the future one strategic plan at a time

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Andrew Garton
Melbourne, Australia

How does an organisation founded in the 20th Century devise a strategic plan for the 21st… and to do so at a time when more and more people are, by choice or otherwise, turning their backs to market economies that are failing us even as we speak?

It is just at these times that strategies that draw inspiration from the commons, from “less is more” starts to make more sense than ever, and are critical and urgent to our survival.

It is with these ideas and concerns in mind that continues to re-define itself within the context of a rapidly changing financial outlook and environment.

It’s been near on two years since we re-traced our steps, down-scaled and re-emerged with our skills, intuative knowledge and passion for a secure and fun future. With that in mind Grant and I have taken the bold step towards a strategic plan, drawing on our dreams and aspirations and 20 years in the IT and social media / computer communications business.

In keeping with our open content policy we have our draft strategic plan online for review, contemplation and recommendation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Draft Strategic Plan

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