Tom Raftery interviews Salim Ismail by Tom Raftery

This was one of the most informative podcast interviews I have yet done – Salim introduced me to the concepts of structured blogging, and the feed mesh. Structured blogging is a whole new concept in web publishing which literally blew my mind – PubSub will be officially announcing Structured Blogging next Tuesday with Marc Canter (there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for Structured blogging yet – I got the scoop!).

The questions asked and the times in the interview I asked them are below:

Who is Salim Ismail and what is PubSub? – 0:32
What is PubSub? – 1:19

42:18 minutes (8 MB)

Karen Banks in the BBC

4:45 minutes (4.35 MB)

1.3 El derecho a los conocimientos

3:06 minutes (5.69 MB)

1.7 Derecho al acceso en el lugar de trabajo

2:07 minutes (3.87 MB)

1.6 Derecho a un acceso asequible

2:57 minutes (5.41 MB)

1.8 El derecho al acceso público

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

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