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APC-Africa-Women co-coordinator
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Sylvie’s professional and academic background in communication led her to work on several different projects for a wide array of organisations, including the UN. She is also a member of several Pan-African networks, and lives in the Republic of the Congo. With a Master’s Degree in communication, Sylvie worked in public media before moving into administration and communication for UN projects. She’s the Co-coordinator of APC Africa Women, the Africa regional programme of APC's Women's Networking Support Programme. She has done research on the use of ICTs by civil society in Africa with the Panos London, the CIPACO project of PIWA, and the US Social Science Research Council. Sylvie is a member of several Pan-African networks. In Republic of Congo, Sylvie has initiated a national campaign on the rights of indigenous women as well as a networking initiative of telecentres. She has done consultation work on communication for several organizations, UNICEF, FAO, the Ministry of communication and IICD.


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