Capacity-building should be understood as a whole range of ideas, approaches and development interventions rather than a single concept. It goes from purely technical input (e.g. training) via organisational development (focusing on an organisation’s systems and physical assets, but also on its people, its culture and its ability to plan for the future) and institutional development (the strengthening of links and development of the environments within which organisations exist) to a broader process involving individuals and communities in poor countries, strengthening and building their understanding and knowledge of their own needs, entitlements and rights, and enabling them to organise themselves to respond to this understanding.

Style information: APC spells this term with a hyphen in between "capacity" and "building".

Source: "Capacity building: A buzz word or an aid to understanding?" by Ben Green and Mike Battcock, Developments Magazine, 2001

Realizing Digital Nation- eASiA 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 1-3, 2011

Realizing Digital Nation

eASiA 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 1-3, 2011

eAsia 2011, with the slogan Realizing Digital Nation, is the annual international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development event with the objective of reinforcing technology and knowledge-centric growth and needs of Asia vis-à-vis Bangladesh, through capitalisation of market economy and boostin

Community Radio Handbook for Good Governance and Development to be Published Soon in Bangla by BNNRC, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Community Radio is going to make an important place in development field in Bangladesh.

Cyber Forensics Expert

New Delhi

Now a days everybody is seeing the cyber crime is sky rocketing and crossing all limits. So in this type of situation we are taking a big decesion to eradicate the cyber crime from india.

Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)

Salamieh Telecentre

Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)
Salamieh telecentre through Reefnet project aim to promote and connect rural people in Syrian community.

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