Empowerment is a process that strengthens the abilities, confidence, analysis and power of poor and excluded people and their organisations so they can challenge unjust and authoritarian power relations, make their own choices, speak out on their own behalf and control their own lives or situations.

Style information: Can also be used as a verb, to empower.

Source: ActionAid Critical Webs of Power Glossary (PDF) and GenderIT.org

Award for libraries using ICT to empower women and girls

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) is inviting applications for a new award – for public and community libraries that empower women and girls through information and communication technology (ICT).
• The call is open to public and community libraries in developing and transition countries
• The prize includes US$1,500 and the opportunity to publicize your service widely.
• T

A vision for transformational global communication that heals inside and out

The movement building skills and ability of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters have been a ray of hope for people around the globe. This movement is building in every major city in America, and the mainstream media outlets are finally mentioning the protests.

How much energy does one web search expend?


Recent documented studies has shown that computing and networking electricity direct and indirect (air conditioning of data centers represent 50% of the total power supply bill) consumption account for a global warming impact comparable to that of civil aviation. Most of this consumption is linked to the use of the Internet and global powerful applications such as search engines.

Freedom of access to information in South Asia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Freedom of access to information in South Asia
Muhammad Zamir

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