Delivering government services through electronic means. Electronic means include telephone and fax, and increasingly the internet (whether accessed through a computer, digital TV, phone or other device). Electronic access may be direct, or mediated through call centres or front offices in which the operator has access to information electronically and can seek information or complete transactions on behalf of members of the public who prefer to conduct business face to face or by telephone.

Style information: When this word appears at the beginning of a sentence or in a title, capitalise the "e" rather than the first letter after the hyphen, i.e. E-government rather than e-Government.

Source: GenderIT.org

India eGov 2.0 awards

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you all to send in your nominations for the India eGov 2.0 Awards 2010, instituted by eGOV magazine to bring to forth organisations that have been effectively using social media tools, websites and portals for governance and social development in India.

Corporate Law in India and E-Governance


A very crucial question that has been recently raised by a reporter goes like this “Is National E-Governance Services Delivery Gateway Part of E-Governance?”.

E-Governance in India

New Delhi, India.

Very few words are more fanciful than the words electronic governance (e-governance). These words have a tendency to portray an image of all advanced Nation or capable manpower.

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