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European Court of Human Rights: Case law


The European Court of Human Rights publishes factsheets on its case law, organized by theme. Each case has a short introduction and is linked to the decision.

APC expresses concern over OECD Communique on principles for internet policy-making

JOHANNESBURG 1 July 2011 (APC for APC)

“Anyone involved in the development of the internet over the last twenty years knows that transgression has probably been a far greater driver of innovation than IP protection,” says APC in a statement which points to “positive signs” coming out of the recent OECD meeting but questions the take on intellectual property as well as internet intermediaries’ responsibility for policing the net.

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Feminist tips for online campaigning

MONTEVIDEO 27 June 2011 (AL for APCNews)

This guide includes all you need to know to plan your online campaign from a feminist perspective. What does this mean? That Strategising Online Activism: A Toolkit focuses on women’s needs and how technology can lead to their empowerment.

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Closer Than Ever: A guide for social change organisations who want to start working online

By Margarita Salas (June 2011, APC )

This guide brings together the voices of APC members, partners, consultants and staff and shares their views and experience on working online for social change. Their perspectives are the basis for this guide.

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APCNews 144 – New guides for online workers, Gay Girl in Damascus– 27/06/11

APCNews 144 – New guides for online workers, Gay Girl in Damascus– 27/06/11

APCNews – 27 June 2011 – Year XI Issue 144
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Closer than ever: A guide for social change or

Connect your rights! Internet rights are human rights

MONTEVIDEO 13 June 2011 (AL for APCNews)

With our coverage of APC’s event on human rights and the internet at the Human Rights Council in Geneva earlier this month, we’ve launched a new web space. Find all our content related to these issues in one place.

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New research on digital migration in West Africa offers solutions

MONTEVIDEO 13 June 2011 (APC for APCNews)

African countries committed to migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 – but migration won’t be easy or cheap. Findings provide the data and tools for broadcasters and regulators to make informed decisions.

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