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Mapping the ICT policy environment in South Africa

By Jane Duncan, Alan Finlay, Alexandra Groome, Alex Comninos and Anriette Esterhuysen (May 2014, APC )
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United Nations resolutions recognising human rights online

Winnipeg, Canada

UN General AssemblyUN General Assembly

Edited to include additional resolutions documented by Access here

What is a United Nations resolution?

United Nations resolutions are formal texts adopted by a UN body, s

APC's work at the Universal Periodic Review

Winnipeg, Canada

UN Human Rights CouncilUN Human Rights Council

In partnership with members and networks, APC’s Internet Rights programme advocates for the protection, promotion and respect of human rights at the national level through the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a unique mechanism of the Human Rights Council involving a review of the human rights r

Web We Want 2014 small grants: Apply now

JOHANNESBURG 26 March 2014 (Web We Want)

The Web We Want campaign, which supports global, national, and regional efforts to make the web universal, free, and open, has launched its second round of small grants in two categories: Rapid Response grants (open and rolling) and Web 25 Year of Action grants (deadline: 7 April 2014).

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South Africa - The ICT Policy Review: Where Is the Boldness of Vision?

South Africa

Sick and tired of too much foreign content on television and too much political meddling in the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)? Fed up with some of the most exploitative communications costs in the world?

Contributions to the ITU Strategic Plan 2016-2019

(February 2014, APC )
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Internet intermediary liability: Towards evidence-based policy and regulatory reform to ensure free expression and access to information on the internet

Date and time: 
Feb 10 2014 - Feb 11 2014


South Africa
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Intermediary liability


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Association for Progressive Communications

APC is hosting a workshop on “Internet intermediary liability: towards evidence-based policy and regulatory reform to ensure free expression and access to information on the internet” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Google Africa
Members Involved: 
The Wedgwood, 74A Second Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg 2092

Internet rights in Ecuador: Activists against surveillance

15 January 2014 (AL and VB, APC for Digital Rights)

A coalition of internet users successfully advocated for the elimination of an article from Ecuador’s new criminal code that legalised massive communications surveillance. In this article for the LAC Digital Rights newsletter, APC’s policy team talks about its advocacy process.

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Enabling Openness: The future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Various (November 2013, IDRC & Fundación Comunica )

Valeria Betancourt, APC policy manager, wrote two chapters of this book: “Citizen participation in the age of the information society” and “ICT for development milestones and approaches in Latin America and the Caribbean”. The book builds on a seminar, Open Development: Exploring the future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Montevideo on 2-3 April 2013.

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