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Everything you need to know about the WSIS+10 review

28 January 2015 (Deborah Brown and Lea Kaspar (Global Partners Digital) for APCNews)

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process and its outcome documents are considered cornerstones of international norms and discourse on internet policy and governance. This year, as WSIS marks its 10th anniversary, the UN General Assembly is set to evaluate its progress and decide its future.

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Managing the APC network of policy websites

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May 2006

The APC network has around forty policy-related websites. These can be clustered into four sections: Global, thematic, regional and national sites. The websites are each at a different level of development, with some, particularly at the national level, still being populated with content and undergoing technical changes.

Bytes for All, Pakistan: Proposed media regulations are draconian


State propaganda and censorship not an answer to governance failures

Islamabad, December 30, 2014: Bytes For All is alarmed by the recommendations made by Pakistani parliamentary body that seeks to impose McCarthyism-style regulations on the media and Internet, in reaction to the December 16 Peshawar school attack.

On December 24, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information

How does internet policy affect Maghreb-Machrek human rights defenders?

22 December 2014 (APCNews)

How does internet policy affect Maghreb-Machrek human rights defenders (HRDs) in their work? Who are the major players in internet policy and how can Maghreb-Machrek HRDs effectively engage them? These were the questions discussed at the regional seminar on freedom of expression, freedom of association and the right to the internet, in Marrakesh, Morocco.

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National meeting in Ecuador on internet governance takes place in Quito

20 November 2014 (CIESPAL)

On 27 November in Quito, the National Meeting on Internet Governance – Ecuador will be a space for discussion and reflection on internet governance issues in Ecuador. The conversation will be framed within both the regional and global context, in addition to providing insights from experts on conceptual, technical and political approaches to internet governance.

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Update: Civil society organisations concerned about transparency of ITU Plenipotentiary

MONTREAL 9 October 2014 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

In a letter from dozens of concerned civil society organisations, clear steps may improve the transparency of the upcoming ITU Plenipotentiary conference. Scheduled for 20 October – 7 November in Busan, the conference has already taken some steps to open participation. As the ITU nears is 150th anniversary, stakeholders are asking it to do more to ensure transparency and inclusion. Read the letter and the ITU’s response.

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Open civil society letter on transparency at the ITU Plenipotentiary

By various (October 2014, Best Bits )
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Experts representing non-commercial interests weigh in on ICANN and human rights

7 October 2014 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

Earlier this year, the Council of Europe released a report on the application of human rights to ICANN. The Non-commercial stakeholder group (NCSG) and endorsing organisations, of which APC is one, have submitted comments on that report to raise concerns about the role of governments, ICANN’s legal status and the regulation of hate speech. Follow the link to read the NCSG report.

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Latin America at a glance: Human rights and the internet

30 August 2014 (ONG Derechos Digitales, APC and Joana Varon Ferraz for ONG Derechos Digitales)

This document summarizes the discussions in Latin America regarding human rights and the internet. Our intention is to increase the international community’s understanding of the region during the 2014 Internet Government Forum.

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