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Human rights online: New issues and threats

By Joy Liddicoat (September 2011, APC )

This Connect your Rights! policy issue paper from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) outlines the state of human rights online and the major challenges that activists and human rights defenders are facing. As levels of censorship and surveillance are increasing worldwide – even in democratic countries – the work and lives of human rights defenders are being threatened. APC calls for the theme of the 2012 IGF to focus exclusively on human rights.

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APC outlines priorities for the Sixth Internet Governance Forum

MONTEVIDEO 21 September 2011 (APC for APCNews)

The world’s oldest progressive network reminds UN conference goers of critical issues facing the freedom of the internet today including affordability, openness and network neutrality in the mobile internet and the importance of conflict minerals in internet governance. Read the 13-page brief.

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APC Priorities for the Sixth Internet Governance Forum

By APC (September 2011, APC )

The sixth annual meeting of the IGF will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 27-30 September 2011 with Internet as a catalyst for change: access, development, freedoms and innovation as its main theme. In this document presented in the run-up to the IGF APC strongly supports the focus on access, development and freedoms but outlines a series of recommendations for IGF participants.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Regional Report

By Nnamdi Nwokike (June 2011, WATRA )

This informative workshop report by WATRA outlines the major discussion points and issues brought up by presenters during the workshop- such as benefits and the various challenges related to the transition, and provides country summaries for three countries that are at different stages of the migration: Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

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Digital broadcast transitioning: The benefits – and the obstacles

CALGARY 5 September 2011 (LC for APCNews)

Africa has committed to move to digital broadcasting by June 2015. In West Africa, very few countries have begun the migration. Rife with challenges, the process is daunting to most, with the benefits largely unclear. A new paper from APC and Balancing Act investigates.

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Digital TV in West Africa: Who's taking the plunge and how?

CALGARY 31 August 2011 (LC for APCNews)

Of West Africa’s sixteen countries, only a handful have committed in earnest to the move to digital broadcasting – though all African states have signed up to undertake the migration by June 2015. New research from APC with Balancing Act gives an overview of the state of the transition and recommendations for countries.

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London Riots: Social media does not cause social problems say APC and GreenNet

JOHANNESBURG AND LONDON 15 August 2011 (APC/GreenNet for APCNews)

Following last week’s riots, British PM David Cameron said that his government is considering a crackdown on online communications. However he forgets that the same websites and phone networks were also used to locate friends and plan safe exits from trouble-spots. APC and GreenNet issue a statement.

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TV white space spectrum workshop looks at Kenya and South Africa

JOHANNESBURG 10 August 2011 (APC for APCNews)

Unused TV white spaces could be the way to get highspeed wireless internet to millions living outside major African cities. Manufacturers are gearing up for mass production of white space devices and now is the time to act. APC and partners are coordinating an important workshop for govt officials, regulators and professionals in October.

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Television White Spaces Spectrum Workshop: Opportunities for Kenya and South Africa

Date and time: 
Oct 5 2011


South Africa


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  • Deepen understanding of opportunities offered by Television White Spaces Spectrum in Africa focusing on Kenya and South Africa
  • Explore how TVWS can transform the connectivity landscape in Africa to achieve the goal of creating affordable access for all
  • Share ideas and experiences on how TVWS can boost growth of the technology sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

The event is a

Other information
Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg

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