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Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Collected research

By APC (June 2011, APC )
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This means war?

The Pentagon announced recently in its first formal cyber strategy that cyber attacks constitute an act of war — and could merit a traditional military response.

Never mind the problem of attributing cyber attacks to a single, definitive source; even if the perpetrators can be traced to a specific co

U.N. Special Rapporteur Calls Upon States to Protect Anonymous Speakers Online


On June 3, EFF will begin live coverage of a critical discussion about online freedom of expression held by the 47 member states of the U.N Human Rights Council during its seventeenth session in Geneva.

APC at the Human Rights Council 17th session

By APC (May 2011, APC )
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The mobile internet from a human rights perspective: Collected policy briefs

By APC (May 2011, APC )

Whilst an increasing number of countries have ICT development strategies in place, these often focus on expanding access to technology and do not pay adequate consideration to issues around usability, active citizenship, culture and rights.

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Policy and regulatory issues in the mobile internet

By Russell Southwood (May 2011, APC )
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User-generated content and social networking in the Arab spring and beyond

By Alex Comninos (May 2011, APC )
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A human rights approach to the mobile internet

By Lisa Horner (May 2011, APC )
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