Open Spectrum For Development: Kenya Case Study

By Muriuki Mureithi PhD (December 2010, APC )
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EroTICs: An Exploratory Research on Sexuality & The Internet - Literature Review

By Manjima Bhattacharjya and Maya Indira Ganesh (January 2009, APC WNSP )
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Paper 2 (05/2009): Mapping the information and participation practice of internet governance entities

By David Souter (October 2009, APC/CofE/UNECE )

This discussion paper has been prepared for the Council of Europe, the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) as part of their work to explore the scope for guidelines and best practice in information and participation in internet governance.

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A review of telecommunications policy and challenges in Rwanda

By Albert Nsengiyumva and Emmanuel Habumuremyi (September 2009, APC )

This report examines the implementation of telecommunication reforms in Rwanda, with particular attention paid to broadband issues.

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Bringing affordable telecommunications services to Uganda: A policy narrative and analysis

By Wairagala Wakabi (October 2009, APC )

This report analyses the challenges faced by the Uganda telecommunications sector in creating a healthy market structure, encouraging efficient and affordable services, and delivering services to the poor. It is divided into three parts.

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Kenya Communications Amendment Act (2009): Progressive or retrogressive?

By Rebecca Wanjiku (September 2009, APC )

This report unpacks this mixed reception to the Kenya Communications Amendment Bill (2007), outlining the media’s objections as well as the government’s response, and contextualising the tension between the two historically. At the same time, it asks whether the sector’s positive response to the Act was misplaced, given some worrying inconsistencies and omissions.

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Venezuela: Analysis of the proposal for reforming the Telecommunications, informatics and postal services law

By Sandra L. Benítez U., Adela Vivas y Luis Germán Rodríguez (June 2009, APC )
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