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Cybersecurity policies and human rights perspectives at the Internet Freedom Festival

Valencia, Spain

The Internet Freedom Festival, which takes place in Valencia, Spain on a yearly basis, has become one of the main events for civil society to gather around issues of surveillance, censorship and circumvention worldwide. Hundreds of activists, journalists and members of the technical c

Finally, some good news about Organizational Security


When a group of us “organizational security practitioners”1 gathered in Prague this February, we were cautiously optimistic about what we could achieve.

Many security experts and practitioners have been gaining invaluable experience while working to strengthen human right defenders and civil society organisations’ awareness, ability and confidence in thwarting security threats while continuin

A cyber security agenda for civil society: what is at stake?

By Alex Comninos (April 2013, APC )

The security of digital networks and of networked digital information is increasingly important to stakeholders in governments, the private sector and civil society. This paper introduces some important conceptual is- sues in cyber security; investigates some important cyber security threats, and provides suggestions on what a civil society approach to cyber security should look like.

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