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Inside the Information Society: Enhanced cooperation for enhanced cooperation?

London [30 May 2016]

*_David Souter comments each week on an important issue for APC members and others concerned about the Information Society.

Baku in APC’s rear-view mirror

BERLIN 23 February 2013 (FD for APC)

The Internet Governance Forum in Baku (6-9 November 2012) was a space in which different interests collided. APC revisits the event by releasing “IGF 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly.“ Here is a snapshot.

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Enhanced Cooperation at the WSIS+10 review event

21 February 2013 (Mallory Knodel for APC)

At the first WSIS+10 review event in Paris, France from February 25 – 27, 2013, APC is organising an event on Enhanced Cooperation as a follow-up to its pre-event at the 2012 IGF “Enhanced Cooperation: from deadlock to dialogue” and will use the opportunity of the WSIS+10 review to bring together experts in a follow-up workshop, “Reflections on what needs to be done.”

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Multistakeholderism and Enhanced Cooperation: What's it all about?


Multistakeholder participation and enhanced cooperation seems to be one of the major issue in this year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

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