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APC Annual Report 2004

By Association for Progressive Communications (September 2004, APC )

In 2004, APC became focused on producing policy commentaries, proposals and positions, reflecting its independent and critical perspective. APC formed strategic alliances with like-minded groups with whom for instance it promoted the position that the internet is a global public good. The APC annual report 2004 includes APC’s advocacy work for the United Nations summit on the information society (WSIS) as well as in stimulating and supporting accelerated ICT policy and regulatory reform in six African countries.

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Beyond tools: Technology as a feminist agenda

By Chat García Ramilo (March 2006, Development Journal )
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Government okays VoIP policy for international telephony

The Government of Bangladesh Monday approved the International Long Distance Telecommunication Service (ILDTS) Policy-2007 to open up

the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.

Amader Gram fellowship announcement - 2008


Amader Gram (Our Villages) ICT4D Project is building knowledge society under a pilot scheme in twenty villages of Bagerhat and Khulna Districts in southwest Bangladesh by providing appropriate knowledge and ICT intervention that facilitates both skill transfer and employment creation. The Amader Gram ICT4D Project is offering fellowship for the year 2008. Interested students can send their request by 30 August 2007.

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APC’s latest Annual Report: 2006 – Open Access for All

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 13 August 2007 (APCNews)

Training communities to set up wireless internet access points using empty tin cans, “taking back the tech!” to combat violence against women and keeping the focus of the world’s governments on the importance of affordable internet access. Read our new annual report for 2006.

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New generation of cell phones to address underdevelopment?

MONTREAL, CANADA 1 August 2007 (APCNews)

A rapid assessment, commissioned by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in South Africa and implemented by APC-member Women’sNet, has just been released. If stars all line up, the document will provide baseline data that will inform a strategy to launch a new generation of cell phone technologies to address underdevelopment and in particular HIV/AIDS. Read our correspondent’s article "Did you say cell phones for development?" or the full 64-page assessment.

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APC Africa Regional Workshop


I have been very please with the structure of APC Africa Regional workshop.

Social networking at the APC Africa members meeting

Johannesburg, South Africa

Saturday, 22 July 2007:

Proprietary software an anomaly

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

Proprietary software is an anomaly in the market.
This is according to Rishab Ayer Ghosh, a free software researcher at
the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, who was speaking at
the Digital Freedom Expo in Cape Town on Friday. Proprietary software is an anomaly in the market. Read the full article on Tectonic.

Women in local government: “Broadening minds” with technology

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 28 May 2007 (AL for APCNews)

“The enthusiasm in various government sectors about information and communication technologies is incredible, as is the way it is getting onto the agenda of women in politics,” remarked Dafne Sabanes Plou, of the APC women’s programme, commenting on a national gathering of Argentine women mayors and councilwomen held in Buenos Aires at the end of April.

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