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GreenNet's Time-of-year Party

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Dec 6 2007




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GreenNet and Privacy International
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LSE Three Tuns Bar

Open standards session at IGF touches on key issues

Johannesburg, South Africa

An open informal meeting held by the steering committee of the Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards (DCOS) at the IGF this week in Rio de Janeiro sparked a lively discussion on the impact of propietary standards on citizens around the world.

Perspectives from Mexico, India in IGF Best Practice Forum on CyberCrime Convention


During the Best Practice Forum on the Cybercrime Convention, Jean Charles de Cordes of the Council of Europe discussed the structure and content of the convention, as well as issues such as standards setting and monitoring compliance, while Cristos Velasco, Mexican representative of the North American Consumer Project on Electronic Commerce (NACPEC), and Pavan Duggal from Cyberlaw India discussed the cybercrime legislation situation in their respective countries.

APC Council Meeting 2007

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Nov 5 2007 - Nov 9 2007




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The APC Council is made up of two representatives of each APC memeber. They gather together face to face every two years, to set and revise APC strategic priorities.

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APC Annual Report 2004

The Summit of Assurances


If the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was the summit of opportunities, Connect Africa can be best described as the summit of assurances.

Civil society calls for new governance to make internet accessible to Africans

29 October 2007
KIGALI, RWANDA 29 October 2007 () -

Convened by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) on the 28th of October 2007, civil society groups have called for new forms of corporate governance to develop the ICT infrastructure i

Pulling the plug in Burma

TORONTO, CANADA 24 October 2007 (OpenNet Initiative)

Adding to their long history of reports on the study of internet filtering, the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) has compiled, and released, a bulletin on the recent demonstrations in Burma and the Burmese government’s shutdown of the internet there. The executive summary of "Pulling the Plug: A Technical Review of the Internet Shutdown in Burma" reveals the "the role of information technology, citizen journalists, and bloggers in Burma" today.

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AZUR Développement joins the APC family

BRAZZAVILLE, CONGO 16 October 2007 (FD for APCNews)

There is a Congolese proverb that says, “You can’t wash your face with just one finger.” That’s the expression APC’s new member AZUR Développement is using in reference to the need to solidify links with other APC members in order to get the ICT job done in Congo. And they mean it. Recognising that APC’s members have a lot of experience with ICTs, they believe that their activities and those of APC’s members will blend in well.

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Pakistan: Keep the independent media at distance, they are trouble makers


Just got this punch that independent media will be kept at far far distance tomorrow from highly controversial, unethical and outrageous presidential elections in Pakistan. Only state owned media will cover these elections at the designated polling stations, and issue the footage or "official news" at their will, with no possibility of cross check by any independent source. This silly order has been issued by highly controversial, discredited, shameless Election Commission of Pakistan.

Pakistan: Freedom of expression like never before!


In Pakistan, its "freedom of expression like never before". This is the lead line of advertisements by the state owned media.

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