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Is the environment taken seriously at the IGF?

ATHENS, Greece

At the Internet Governance Forum today APC held two worshops, while also taking part in the ‘openness’ plenary session. A quite intensive day that saw issues around copyright on the web, environment democracy on the net, as well as content regulation from a gender perspective debated by a multitude of people attending this first internatioonal multistakeholder internet regulation conference in Athens. An article was published by APCNews on today’s ‘Greening IT’ workshop and some have expressed the desire to comment. The thread starts here, please comment.

Diverse voices.. heard before the IGF

Amnesty International is calling for internet freedom particularly for bloggers in countries “such as China, Iran, and Tunisia” Nitin Desai’s statement on the “Balkanisation” of the internet also attracted quite some media. Another view, from the other extreme, it would seem, comes from The New York Sun, which says, Keep the United Nations’s Hands Off the Internet!

Re:Transmission - Reporting on online video

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 16 October 2006 (Maxigas)

Maxigas from APC-member Green Spider in Hungary reports on the progress accomplished at Transmission, a gathering of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. Last June, a workshop called took place in Rome. No later than last week, transmission made a stop in London. Transmission is being autonomously organised by EngageMedia, Candida TV and Clearer Channel with the assistance of Full info about the the latest event:

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LAUNCH OF APC'S ANNUAL REPORT 2005: APC keeps campaigning, sees tangled wires in the ICT world

GOA, INDIA 4 October 2006 (FN for APCNews)

2005 will be the year the Association for Progressive Communications remembers most for the World Summit on the Information Summit. But, says the just released Annual Report 2005, that event – which culminated in Tunis in November of 2005 – was like a struggle to finding the forest among the trees. Read about the issues APC grappled with and the key highlights from our worldwide membership in the downloadable report, available in English and Spanish.

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‘Now we have made a noise’ says APC's Ugandan member WOUGNET

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 3 October 2006 (Alan Finlay)

The goal of The Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is to promote the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by women’s organisations in Uganda. Set up in 2000, APC member WOUGNET has been a lead actor in bringing a gender focus to ICT policy in Uganda, open source software and the World Summit on the Information Society. Read the interview with WOUGNET’s director and the organisation’s ICT programme manager.

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IT-powered civil protest turns polluting gold-miners away

SOFIA, BULGARIA 28 September 2006 (Filka Sekulova)

In an unprecedented act of civil and internet activism, the villagers of a small mountain village in Bulgaria succeeded to prevent an environmentally devastating gold mining project. Despite the pressure from the corporation, the federal authorities and the police, the local community was victorious: the Canadian Martern company pulled-out at the end of the summer 2006.

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Paradigms are overrated

Grahamstown, South Africa

People use the Highway as a paradigm for the internet, but the African highway tends to ignore the pedestrians who must cross it.

Women and ICT: Finding (and finding oneself with) technology

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 4 September 2006 (APCNews)

LaNeta is one of APC’s members that is firmly investing in providing information and communication technology training. One of its most recent successful experiences had women as the protagonists. LaNeta is providing a response to the “need for common spaces for women to participate, reflect, and raise awareness on ICT and gender issues,” as Olinca Marino, general coordinator of the Mexican organisation stated to APCNews.

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Strawberrynet profile

SFANTU GHEORGHE, ROMANIA 3 September 2006 (FD for APCNews)

When Strawberrynet started up in 1994, there were virtually no internet service providers in Romania. Since then, connectivity improved dramatically and big players started offering a full range of internet services. Strawberrynet concentrated on the non-governmental organisation (NGO) niche, providing solutions so that they could communicate effectively and with the lowest costs possible.

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Wikipedia seeks more Asian tongues on world's most ambitious encyclopaedia


Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, the founder of the impressive Web-based free-content multilingual encyclopedia Wikipedia project sees a growing role for Asian initiatives on this volunteer-edited product, that is now rated among the top 20 websites globally. Currently, Japanese is the only non-European language among the ‘big ten’ of the Wikipedia. But Farsi, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, are among those with 10,000+ articles. In the 1000+ articles category are Urdu, Bangla, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu among others.

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