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BlueLink launches first NGO e-election in Bulgaria

SOFIA, BULGARIA 4 February 2006 (BlueLink)

The first NGO e-elections in Bulgaria were held at the end of 2005, facilitated through the Civil e-Representation Platform designed by APC member in Sofia, BlueLink. This is an internet-based tool for electing representatives of NGOs in working groups and committees at institutions that implement environmental and sustainable development policies in Bulgaria. Before the development of this platform, the voting process for NGO representatives was carried by email, fax and regular ‘snail’ mail. The platform is based on specially developed software, using the Free Software-based PHP 4 and MySQL. It was first launched in March 2005, and has since undergone a series of tests.

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Different kind of plane ride


Just getting to the World Social Forum one knows that another world is possible. On the plane from Atlanta most passengers – if not all – were heading to the WSF. This led to a different kind of plane ride. Without even mentioning reading material – Mother Jones and a Venezuela Primer instead of Time and Dr. Phil – people on the plane were just different – they were in better moods, interested instead of agressive, talking instead of blackberrying, and of course many many nalgene bottles. Two hour delay? No problem. Smiles all around… There are worse things. We all looked at each other secure in the knowledge that even though we didn’t know each other we knew who we all were.

ICTs a need for women's movements


The Bamako Polycentric World Social Forum (WSF) has an overwhelming 70 percent of particpants who are being women from all walks of life in Africa and the World over.

Feminist dialogue urges women to embrace ICTs


The women’s movement meeting at the third Feminist dialogue have recognised access to technologies as one of the strategies which they need to use to advance themselves as a movement.

World Women Courts hear untold stories


World Court of women on resistance to wars, wars of globalisation, and wars against women heard stories in poetic and visual presentations of testimonies of women from all over the world at the Polycentric World Social Forum (WSF) in Bamako.

Bamako WSF march spells out Another Africa was possible


Traffic came to a stand still in Mali during the kick off of the Polycentric World Social Forum (WSF) as about 6000 people marched in Bamako’s Independence Statue through to the stadium called Stade Omini Sports Modibo Keita carrying banners with different solidarity messages saying Another Africa was possible.

Bamako calls on people and movements to converge and fight


By Brenda Zulu

The Bamako Polycentric World Social Forum organisation has been challenged on how to bring Africa out of its marginalisation and the Bamako event is offering the occasion to converge the fight.

APC regional consultation in Kathmandu postponed

GOA, INDIA 22 January 2006 (APCNews)

The ‘APC regional consultation meeting on ICT policy in South Asia’ that was to be held in end-January in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been postponed. This meet aims at engaging in surfacing ICT policy priorities and strategies in the countries of South Asia, to exchange information on ICT policy issues and advocacy strategies, and to explore new ways of networking and coordinating on ICT policy advocacy in South Asia. APC is also consulting with One World South Asia, Panos South Asia, IDRC, among others, in organizing the meeting.

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About this blog

The APC blog was started in November of 2005 for the World summit on the information society (WSIS) taking place in Tunis. The blog was an instant hit. It attracted a diversity of voices. The APC comms team decided to make the blog a permanent source of alternative news about ICTs and the internet for social justice and sustainable development.

The APC blog is open to all. It serves the purpose of a ‘quick and dirty’ information exchange for all the participants of the APC community. If you attend an cyber-activist event, interview a social techie or want to share a great hyperlink about free and open source software, please don’t hesitate to post.

Good reading, good writing, good blogging!

Brazil and Chile, that open doors to excluded, win 2005 Betinho Prize

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 19 December 2005 (APCNews)

Projects from Brazil and Chile that seek to include the disadvantaged in the realm of benefits brought about by information and communication technologies (ICTs) have emerged as joint winners of the APC Betinho Communications Prize 2005.

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