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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 24 April 2007 (FN for APCNews)

Grant McHerron always has a joke and formidable technical skils to share. Or so it seemed when APCNews ran into’s technical director in Sydney, Australia, during the APC’s Asia-Pacific members meeting, held in mid-April 2007.

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Cambodian mirror... online

GOA, Indian

The Cambodia Mirror an interesting publication that collates material from the Khmer press, run by Norbert Klein, and now in an online version… Check it out

But IP theft is Okay IF.....


Lots of noise about stopping IP theft and piracy… but NOT if it’s BY big US corporates against foreigners..

Asia pursues a roadmap of action to strengthen “access to knowledge”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES 2 April 2007 (Al Alegre)

"Access to knowledge is both an issue of economic development and an issue of individual participation and human liberty" says an article by Jack M. Balkin. This buzzword makes reference to a world in which information and knowledge are increasingly becoming like products. Knowledge is worth money. Knowledge is worth power. Without much fanfare, a group of twenty-two Asians sat down in Bankok last March to tap into that power. They drew out a roadmap of actions in order for that knowledge to stay in the hands of the people. Idealistic? Maybe, but the actions are real and timely and might take you further than you think.

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Funredes redefining its action lines


Funredes, APC member in the Dominican Republic, is in the process of transition towards work which, in its words, “will involve more reflection than action.” APCNews spoke with Funredes’ director Daniel Pimienta about the new focus of the organisation.

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Huaral Valley: wireless technology for traditional agriculture

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 29 January 2007 (AL for APCNews)

Huaral is a coastal valley in Peru with a desert climate where it never rains. It is also the name of an initiative that CEPES, APC member in Peru, is carrying out in the region. And above all, it is proof that the creative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can improve the lives of farmers in an entire region, if not beyond. APCNews spoke to Maicu Alvarado of CEPES in December 2006 at the Latin American APC members’ meeting about the latest news on this rural development work which has now been underway for six years.

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Getting a voice in cyberspace: Audio for social movements

GOA, INDIA 25 January 2007 (FN for APCNews)

In campaign mode, everyone understands the importance of getting a voice in the media. The problem is, the mainstream media often trivialises or misunderstands your cause. So? You needn’t just sit back and groan. Technology is today increasingly placing the tools in the hands of those who want to wield them. And it’s getting simpler, more affordable and freer all the time.

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National Gender and ICT Policies in Uruguay: A Call To Action

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 17 January 2007 (Cecilia Gordano)

In Uruguay, the National Women’s Institute led a consultation process with a range of social actors to develop the First National Plan for Equality of Opportunities and Rights. One of its chapters specifically includes gender as a strategic priority. According to GenderIT collaborator Cecilia Gordano, this represents “a big step forward on the slow journey towards consolidating a national strategy for digital inclusion. Nevertheless, the timidity with which this need is addressed leads one to believe that pieces of this puzzle are still missing”.

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Wave of introspection turns to Fourth Estate's role in Asia ... after tsunami

BANGKOK, Thailand

When the history of the deadly Dec 26 Indian Ocean tsunami comes to be written, will the role of the media be praised, criticised or just seen as inadequate? "We didn’t do a good job in warning people. But once the disaster hit, we did a good job in (spreading the world)," said Colombo-based TV journalist Nalaka Gunawardene.

Stories from the seas... children pay the price of the tsunami two years on

BANGKOK, Thailand

Eight children, eight stories. Some spell a tale of hope, others of despair. All are linked by a gigantic tidal wave now globally known as a tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean on Dec 26, 2004. Two years after the deadly day, the Colombo-based TVE Asia Pacific is distributing a film that tells the insightful story of the tragedy by marking the changes reflected in these young lives, across four countries, including India.

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