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Tunis, Tunisia

There is something very special about Source: APC ICT Policy Handbook and APC Annual Report 2005.">WSIS

Tunis, which we didn't witnessed in Geneva. Yes, very special indeed... Like any other UN conference, or we can refer to WSIS Geneva too, this event is also full of colors, multi-national, multi-cultured and great mix of men, women, old men, old women, young boys and girls and frankly, I have seen a 3-4 month old baby attending the event with his mother ;)

World Bank, Alcatel point of view....


infoDev and Alcatel have issued a joint report on Promoting Private Sector Investment and Innovation: Addressing the Communication Needs of the Poor which is also available
. These are Collins English dictionary ">billion

-dollar players; they can change the face of telecom and computing, if they so choose. So, what are we all waiting for?

The Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean take on commitments towards the implementation of eLAC2007

TUNIS, TUNISIA 17 November 2005 (APC LAC ICT Policy Monitor)

The government representatives of Latin America and the Caribbean approve of the temporary regional Mechanism for the implementation of the regional plan of action for the information society, eLAC2007.

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TUNIS: Updated list of censored sites

TUNISIA 17 November 2005 (Neila Charchour Hachicha)

This is an update on an earlier story about Tunisian websites that are currently blocked in Tunis. Please see the list below of additional sites. Once again it is not a complete list but it is a significant one from a Tunisian blogger on the APC WSIS blog.

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Tunis, Tunisia

...It is unacceptable that the UN still has members that harass or imprison their citizens because they criticize them on the Internet. Freedom of speech has to be respected. Everyone has to be able to express their views freely. It is one of the crucial conditions for this conference to succeed...

New book... via Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia

Word Matters Multicultural perspectives on information societies has been described as "a collective work by some 30 authors from civil societies all over the world, deciphers the central concepts of the 'information society'."

Technorati links (2488 and growing)

Goa, India, the search engine for blogs, throws up a total of 2,488 posts related to the WSIS among the 21 million sites and 1.7 Collins English dictionary ">billion

links that it tracks.

APC gets its first woman chair person in Natasha Primo (South Africa)

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 3 November 2005 (APCNews)

APC members meeting in Bulgaria in October elected their new executive board until 2007. For the first time, the APC chair is a woman and more than half of the eight member-board are women. This is good news for an organisation where traditionally governance has been a male-dominated arena. Continuing another positive advance established in the previous board where each region APC works in was represented, in the new board, once again representatives come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and now North America.

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Ready for Tunis: Tin-can antennas, free software, and e-riding models

GOA, INDIA 2 November 2005 (APCNews)

From demoing cantennas (low-cost antennas made out of used cans), to community wireless training programmes, highlighting gender issues, to joining a citizens’ summit, the Association for Progressive Communications is chalking out plans for its participation in the second World Summit on Information Society at Tunis in mid-November 2005.

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WSIS PrepCom 3: Actors from the South debate in view of the summit

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 28 October 2005 (ITeM)

The Third World Institute (ITeM) organised the debate panel “WSIS within the context of global ICT governance processes”, during the third meeting of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Preparatory Committee (19-30 September, Geneva, Switzerland). The purpose of this panel was to present and debate from the outcomes of ITeM’s project “WSIS Papers”. This project intends to contribute to involve different actors of Southern countries in debates, negotiation and policy definitions within the WSIS process, thus providing visibility to the perspectives and specific needs of the developing world.

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