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Alegre argues for public-interest driven media


APCNews met up with Al Alegre of the APC member FMA in Dhaka, Bangladesh earlier this year. Although the Dhaka meeting tackled information and communication technologies (ICTs) as means to achieve social justice, Alegre had a story about media to tell. This article looks into communication rights, Philippine style.

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Free speech activist Alaa Seif Al-Islam detained by the Egyptian government


On Sunday May 7, free speech activist Alaa Seif Al-Islam – a pioneer Egyptian blogger – was arrested by the authorities of his country. Alaa, a colleague and friend of the APC community, with which he shared many encounters, is persecuted for organising protest activities against his government.

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Alaa - blog from the prison

Tora-Mahkoum Prison

Our colleague, Alaa Abdel El Fatah, is spending his fourth night in an

GEM and a Road Trip in the Indian Heat


APC Women's Programme Coordinator, Chat Garcia Ramilo combines a gender workshop with a road trip in the Indian summer and gets a hot dose of Indian culture.

WOUGNET's report on the 'Post-WSIS and Uganda’s way forward” workshop

BERLIN, GERMANY 8 May 2006 (APCNews)

In close collaboration with the Collegium for Development Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden and civil society groups in Uganda, APC-member WOUGNET has recently made a report available. The general theme of this report is the process and outcomes of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, with special focus on internet governance, censorship and human rights issues, as well as on the Uganda’s way forward.

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APC board and staff meet in South Africa

BERLIN, GERMANY 7 May 2006 (APCNews)

The board members and staff of the Association for Progressive Communications got together in the last two weeks of March 2006 for the annual coordination of projects, evaluations of programmes and new injection of guidelines from the board.

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21st century maxim: the personal is political in the Korean blogging world

DHAKA, BANGLADESH 26 April 2006 (FN)

“There’s power in getting people to talk. When voices get online, and can express themselves, this in itself unleashes a whole new chemistry.” Hana Kim – better known by her cyberidentity as ‘Dalgun’ – clearly understands the relevance of her work. Soft-spoken Dalgun is part of the APC-member Korean progressive network Jinbonet ( She talks about the tactics she is involved with to get youngsters to blog. APCNews has met her in Dhaka, Bangladesh in mid-April.

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Underwater cables, unseen issues?

DHAKA, Bangladesh

Colombo-based Professor Rohan Samarajiva : "As "What is civil society?", initial working definition adopted by the Centre for Civil Society at the London School of Economics">civil society organisations

, we tend to forget the less obvious things. Like submarine cables. But these are things that have massive payoffs. You need to be a bit opportunistic about it (while campaigning on that)."

Questioning ICT myths

DHAKA, Bangladesh

Can a lack of information be solved simply by setting up telecentres? Should poor-Europa glossary">governance

sought to be sorted out just by building e-governance? And, if the problem is a lack of market information, can this be met merely by building up e-commerce portals?

Open spaces... and clashing views

DHAKA, Bangladesh

While a lot of the sharing of ideas from across a complex continent still largely depended on on the traditional ten-minute, LCD projector-based presentations there was some space with a difference too. "Open spaces" is a way of volunteered sharing of information and ideas. Whoever feel strongly about a subject, presents it to others who volunteer to tune in.

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