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APC Annual Audited Financial Statements for 2010

( September 2011 )

APC’s annual financial report by independent auditors for 2010.

2012 STARS Impact Awards


Applications are now open for the 2012 STARS Impact Awards

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2012 STARS Impact Awards recognising outstanding organisations working in children’s health, education and protection.

Organisations working with children in Africa, the Middle East, Asia or Pacific are invited to apply.

This year, thanks to our partnership with the Ashmore Foundation,

APC is seeking English language copy-editors

MONTEVIDEO 28 September 2011 (APC)

APC produces scores of publications every year. If you are an eagle-eyed copy-editor looking for freelance work we are interested to hear from you.

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APC member wins $1 million award for work in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

SEATTLE 17 August 2011 (Gates Foundation)

APC member in Kenya, the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), which provides knowledge and information through a variety of innovative channels in remote communities throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania has received the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2011 Access to Learning Award.

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Video: A history of APC

MONTEVIDEO 9 August 2011 (KH for APCNews)

In the early 1980s as the Cold War intensified the internet was only open to the military and academia. Commercial email networks existed but were unconnected. Watch APC’s video produced to celebrate our 20 years networking online.

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The History of APC: A Timeline

By APC (July 2011, APC )

In the 1980s as the Cold War intensified and the threat of nuclear war loomed the internet was only open to the military and academia. Commercial email networks existed but weren’t unconnected to one another. However a group of “documentation for action” activists emerged who saw that information was powerful and needed to be shared. The rest is history.

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APC Annual Report 2010

By APC (July 2011, APC )

The Take Back the Tech! fund which disbursed $240,000 to 61 grassroots groups is one of the very few forward-looking small grants that funds tech initiatives to fight violence against women. This and other initiatives covered in APC’s latest annual report.

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First rural development in Africa conference in November

JOHANNESBURG 28 June 2011 (KAH for APC)

ICT4RD 2011 is the first African conference to apply ICT and practices to rural development taking place in Johannesburg on November 1-3. Organised by APC member SANGONeT, the deadline for proposals is July 29.

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Closer than ever: A guide for social change organisations who want to start working online

MONTEVIDEO 27 June 2011 (KAH for APCNews)

APC has been working online since the late 1980s so it’s no wonder that a wealth of experience has been captured regarding how to best do social justice work remotely. Margarita Salas interviewed 60 people in the network about their experiences and shares their recommendations and views in a new guide.

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APC welcomes its first member in Paraguay

RISHIKESH 28 April 2011 (LC for APCNews)

One of Paraguay’s most widely-listened to community radio stations, Radio Viva, has recently joined the APC community as a member through its parent organisation, Asociación Trinidad Comunicación, Cultura y Desarollo. Asociación Trinidad works towards the democratisation of communications and improving civil participation through solidarity in action for a sustainable Paraguay. One of the many ways it achieves this work is through Radio Viva.

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