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APC members from the Asia-Pacific region met face to face


On November 20, nine APC members met to strengthen the APC network in the region.

The meeting was held just before the Regional Consultation on Freedom of Expression for Civil Liberties held on 21-23 November with UN Special Rapporteur Frank LaRue.

InsideAPC: APC's internal e-newsletter no. 15

Publication date: 
October 2013

APC’s internal e-newsletter no. 15
June – October 2013

InsideAPC: APC's internal e-newsletter no. 14

Publication date: 
May 2013

APC’s internal e-newsletter no. 14
January – May 2013

Job opportunity: Global Information Society Watch Coordinator

11 November 2013 (APC)

APC invites applications for a staff coordinator position for Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch), the premier information platform for civil society perspectives on the state of the Information Society on global, regional and national levels. The successful candidate will be responsible for the overall coordination of the GISWatch initiative.

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Annual Audited Financial Statements for 2012

( August 2013 )

Independentaly audited financial statements for 2012. The management letter from D_V is located here:

APC Progress Report 2009 - 2012

By APC (August 2013, APC )

APC takes a look back at the 2009-2012 strategic planning period, during which our work and the work of our members has been defined by the same set of six strategic priorities. The report also contains the most recent developments in APC’s strategic priorities as well as stories from 25 of our members highlighting their greatest achievements in the past year.

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Cyber Martial Law year one: Full stop, no mere pause

16 September 2013 (PIFA)

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA), integrated by APC member Foundation for Media Alternatives, released a statement in commemoration of the 1st year of the passage of the repressive Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 in the Philippines into law. PIFA is developing a week-long online campaign to make sure that netizens will not forget that even though the law was temporarily halted, vigilance should remain to ensure that the law is completely junked.

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Response from APC to the CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation questionnaire

(September 2013, APC )
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