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What are US broadcasters afraid of showing their public?

Montevideo, Uruguay

On the media lists from the US that i am on people are more than aware of al-jazeera's new channel and the alert to the fact that media channels are opting NOT to distribute it. HOWEVER then i went to progressive media sites, and and i did not find ANYTHING on the al-jazeera launch. What’s going on?

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Working in triangles to get projects moving

VANCOUVER, CANADA 4 October 2006 (FD for APCNews)

From September 3-8, APC people descended on Pruhonice, a small town just outside Prague for the annual board and management meeting. While the first focused on APC governance issues, the management part of the meeting got under way with a warm-up training. Rob Purdie from iMPORTANT PROJECTS joined the APC folk from as far as Cambodia, the USA and South Africa for two very specific reasons: tp explain the different project management concepts out there, and apply some of them to APC’s reality.

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Canadian institute for the blind gets accessible news

TORONTO, CANADA 11 November 2003 (Web Networks)

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind ( today launched an innovative service for its members, allowing them to access articles from daily newspapers on the day of publication. The CNIB chose APC member in Toronto, Web Networks, to produce and host their site to ensure newsfeeds were automatically fed to a private website page, and that visually-impaired users could easily convert the text to voice using standard software. Find out more about Web Networks.

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