Ian Peter
Ian Peter 31 May 2017

Andrew Garton
Andrew Garton 25 May 2017

Scénariste / Réalisateur chez Secession Films, Adjunct Industry Fellow Médias et communication, Université Technologique de Swinburne, AU Andrew Garton est un cinéaste indépendant, un musicien et un écrivain ayant une formation en vidéo et diffusion d'accès communautaire. Après avoir fait une décennie de musique dans les années 1980, son intérêt pour la démocratie participative et la distribution de produits alimentaires sans produits chimiques l'ont amené à co-établir ...

Online censorship in South Africa: Protecting or policing?
Online censorship in South Africa: Protecting or policing? 25 June 2012

The Spear is a painting that depicts the South African president Jacob Zuma in a rallying pose, with genitals exposed. It has caused controversy and been defaced. Images of the painting have gone viral on internet. In late May 2012, the South African Film and Publications Board classified the painting, as not suitable for people under the age of 16. But in a country where one in four women is r...

CC Case Studies
CC Case Studies 26 June 2009

[img_assist|nid=8855|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=213|height=300]Late 2008 a sensational homage to Creative Commons (CC) usage within Australasia was published. Edited by Rachel Cobcroft and produced in collaboration with the team at the Australian Creative Commons Clinic, >Building an Australasian Commons features a vast repertoire of projects and initiatives that have employed Crea...

Media convergence and information rights in Australia
Media convergence and information rights in Australia 07 March 2009

Late 2008, Open Spectrum Australia (a kind of ‘think tank’ for community media) decided to bring together community media groups from both platforms to discuss the issue of media convergence. In order to provide a focus for the day, we came up with an information rights ‘campaign’ of our own and asked for feedback. This article reports on outcomes of the symposium, Quality/Control .

Support Sarawak Gone, innovative micro-docs series
Support Sarawak Gone, innovative micro-docs series 16 February 2009

Innovative micro-docs series produced by / Toy Satellite in association with Rengah Sarawak seeks support towards its completion. Sarawak Gone explores four remote Bidayuh communities accessible by foot within an hour’s drive from Kuching, capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia. celebrates Document Freedom Day celebrates Document Freedom Day 26 March 2008

APC member releases ten years of essays, lectures, reports and articles dealing with information communication technologies for cultural development to celebrate Document Freedom Day 2008

EngageMedia 23 February 2008

EngageMedia is a media, technology and culture organisation focused on the strategic use of video to address critical social and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. It works with independent film-makers, video activists, technologists, campaigners and social movements to generate wider audiences for their vital messages and move people to action. EngageMedia aims to demystify ...