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Every laptop assigned a child

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 16 October 2007 (Miguel Peirano for APCNews)

Journalist Miguel Peirano finds that "Many people think that a laptop for every child is a magic solution and that just giving the children a machine will make them happy," in his well-documented opinion piece about the CEIBAL Plan. This Uruguyan adaptation of the One Laptop Per Child project turns this South American nation into the only country in the world that has adopted, as government policy, the proposal to endow every schoolchild with a low-cost laptop connected to the internet.

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Paraguay accused of attacking net neutrality

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 15 October 2007 (APCNews)

“An attack on net neutrality and an act of censorship,” was how Miguel Acosta, editor of a New York-based Paraguayan newspaper referred to the measure taken by the Paraguayan Communication Company to block access to internet telephony or voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Civil society has responded forcefully to this situation.

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Monitoring ICT policy in Latin America

By APC (November 2005, APC )

APC’s ICT policy projects monitor relevant policy developments at national and regional levels. This involves research, building online content (through websites and e-newsletters) and networks, and implementing capacity-building workshops with civil society organisations.

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Agreement between the Chilean government and the Microsoft Corporation: the Chilean digital strategy is in rough waters

SANTIAGO, CHILE 16 August 2007 (Patricia Peña for APCNews)

Emails, text messages and the media spread the word: the Chilean government has signed one of the broadest known-agreements to date with the Microsoft Corporation, covering aspects of education, management of personal data, and support for local governments (municipalities) and the micro enterprise sector.

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The sky’s the limit: new wireless connection record - 382 kilometres

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 4 June 2007 (AL for APCNews)

“This is a technology that works, a proven technology, and what it needs is a bit more promotion,” said Ermanno Pietrosemoli just days after reaching a new wireless connection record of 382 kilometres. The president of Venezuelan APC member EsLaRed spoke with APCNews by conference call about this low-cost solution that is impacting the world’s rural communities.

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Wireless networking: Technical training scholarships offered

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC 25 April 2007 (Karel Novotny for APCNews)

Applications are now being accepted until May 18 for technical training scholarships that will cover expenses for attending the first workshop of the TRICALCAR project. This community based wireless networks project is initiated by APC-members in South America. The workshop will be held in Huaral, Peru from July 16 to 21, 2007.

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Going autonomous with wireless networks

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC 5 March 2007 (Karel Novotny)

“TRICALCAR” is a Spanish abbreviation that stands for Weaving Wireless Community Networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. But much more than an abbreviation, it is in fact a project. It brings together ten partner organisations that are all dedicated to training Latin American computer network administrators in building and administering community wireless networks.

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Huaral Valley: wireless technology for traditional agriculture

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 29 January 2007 (AL for APCNews)

Huaral is a coastal valley in Peru with a desert climate where it never rains. It is also the name of an initiative that CEPES, APC member in Peru, is carrying out in the region. And above all, it is proof that the creative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can improve the lives of farmers in an entire region, if not beyond. APCNews spoke to Maicu Alvarado of CEPES in December 2006 at the Latin American APC members’ meeting about the latest news on this rural development work which has now been underway for six years.

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Launch of Brazil's first Observatory of Public Policies on Infoinclusion


APC’s member in Brazil, RITS, set up the OPPI site as a web-based tool for monitoring, analyzing and undertaking projects and policies which contribute to infoinclusion, as well as covering other issues related to democratization of ICTs in Brazil.

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