Latin America & the Caribbean

Peru: The Battle for Control of the Internet

By Jorge Bossio (June 2009, APC )
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Ecuador: Wireless Networks for Development

By María Eugenia Hidalgo (June 2009, APC )
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Bolivia: Universal Broadband Access: Advances and challenges

By Orlando D. Arratia (June 2009, APC )
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Introductory report: Telecommunications Regulation and Broadband Development: Implications for the Andean region

By Guillermo Mastrini and Carolina Aguerre (June 2009, APC )
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A rural area in Bolivia connects its institutions with the world via internet

MONTEVIDEO 29 April 2009 (Natalia Uval for APCNews)

In San Ignacio de Moxos, an area located in the Beni region of northern Bolivia, the only internet connection available was an expensive and intermittent telephone connection. Since March 2006, thanks to the local campesino centre and wireless internet, the main institutions in the area have been interconnected, so that the inhabitants can access the internet at a quarter of the price it used to cost them, connecting them to each other, the rest of the nation and the world.

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Internet: Opening a door to development for the rural population in Paraguay

MONTEVIDEO 9 March 2009 (Natalia Uval for APCNews)

One hundred institutions in rural areas of Paraguay with access to the internet. Poor indigenous communities experiencing contact with the world beyond their local surroundings for the first time ever. These are just a few snapshots of the outcomes achieved by Oportunet, a project launched in 2007 in Paraguay that has demonstrated the potential of the internet as a door to economic and social development in the poorest communities.

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Carlos Afonso wins award for work bringing Brazilians online

RIO DE JANEIRO 22 January 2009 (RITS)

Carlos Afonso, Executive director of APC member Information Network for the Third Sector (RITS), has recently been awarded the ARede 2008 award for digital inclusion. Carlos was named Personality of the Year, for his dedication to promoting social inclusion through the internet.

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Advocacy and civil participation in the eLAC process analysis

By ITeM (September 2008, APC )
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