Latin America & the Caribbean

CILAC Research Workshop

Date and time: 
Nov 3 2008 (All day) - Nov 6 2008 (All day)

Overall Workshop Objective: to explore and produce a common understanding of the parameters for and research approach toward country level investigations that will produce political narratives of the

Regional preparatory meeting of the IGF

Date and time: 
Aug 20 2008 - 9:00am - 6:00pm

LACNIC, the Association for the Progress of Communications (APC) and the Information Network for the Third Sector (RITS) are summoning a multistakeholder meeting, open to all interested parties, with

LACNIC Consulting Meeting

Date and time: 
Aug 19 2008 - 9:00am - 6:00pm

LACNIC is summoning a consultation meeting with the aim of informing the actors of the regional Internet community (governments, civil society organization, business chambers and associations, academi

Blogging on the impact of multilateral finance institutions in Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

WatchdogsWatchdogs ITeM has been coordinating IFIwatchnet since 2005.

Seven new modules on community wireless connectivity

LIMA 23 July 2008 (FD for APCNews)

As part of the TRICALCAR project a set of seven new training modules, which the WILAC network is pleased to share with its African counterpart, has been made available. The modules range from WiMax to energy for telecommunications systems, visiting VoIP, long distance wireless links and community, gender and technology on the way. There are even sustainability strategies and network planning modules.

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Costa Rican cooperative joins APC

MONTEVIDEO 14 July 2008 (AL for APCNews)

APC’s new member Sulá Batsu is a cooperative operating in Costa Rica since 2005. It sees itself as a collective workspace for social change. It’s experience spans over the sharing of knowledge, social economy and information and communication technologies. APCNews interviewed Margarita Salas of Sulá Batsú in order to grasp the challenges associated with the cooperative model, the opportunities and challenges that the internet represents in the Costa Rican context, the link between gender and technology and her perspective on what is referred to as social economy.

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Interamerican Women´s Forum Against Corruption

Date and time: 
Sep 29 2008 (All day) - Oct 1 2008 (All day)

Journalist Women´s Congress

Date and time: 
Sep 25 2008 (All day) - Sep 26 2008 (All day)

Dafne Plou, APC WNSP LAC regional coordinator, is a panelist in this congress.

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