The constellations in internet history: A conversation with Ian Peter, founder of Pegasus Networks

8 March 2017 (APC for APCNews)

APCNews interviewed internet pioneer and historian Ian Peter, founder of Australia’s first public internet provider and founding director of APC, who recently formally joined the APC network as an individual member.

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IGF 2016: A tale of victories – and new challenges


Anja Kovacs co-moderating the IGF 2016 main session on human rights.Anja Kovacs co-moderating the IGF 2016 main session on human rights.Thanks to travel support from APC’s Member Exchange and Travel Fund (METF), I was able to attend the IGF and its related events from 4 to 9 December in Guadalajara, Mexico.

What steps can Africans take and lead in internet governance and social justice?

Almost three years ago, I published a blog post on CircleID titled ““Internet Governance: Why Africa Should Take the Lead””:

Multistakeholder working group sets norms for cybersecurity policy that respects human rights

COSTA RICA 25 October 2016 (APC for APCNews)

At last week’s sixth annual Freedom Online Conference, the Freedom Online Coalition launched policy recommendations for human rights-based approaches to cybersecurity.

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South Africa Cybercrimes Bill will be impossible to implement without violating rights

2 December 2015 (APC for APCNews)

Cyber security is essential for the exercise of both online and offline rights, as it is key to privacy and the protection of personal data. At APC we understand the need for a cyber crime and cyber security bill to make South Africa a safer place online. However, we suggest, along with many experts from different backgrounds, that the Bill be rejected in its current form.

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Alex Comninos' Preliminary Comments on the South Africa Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill

By Alex Comminos (December 2015, APC )

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APC's Written Submission on the South Africa Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill

By APC (December 2015, APC )

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WSIS+10 Review: Consequences for human rights and cybersecurity issues

New York

This blog post was originally published on

In the ninth installment of the FOC Working Group 1 (WG1) blog series, guest author Deborah Brown from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) reflects on the ongoing negotiations at the UN

A Government-Centred Global Conference of Cyberspace

The Hague

I was alerted to the Global Conference of Cyberspace by one of my fellow African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) alumni. In fact, I hoped to attend the civil-society-oriented pre-event, where I could have represented my organisation.

Digital Security First Aid Kit for Human Rights Defenders (Second edition)

By APC (October 2015, APC )

This kit is a contribution from activists for activists to help us be more secure in our digital practices. It’s designed to help activists deal with the most common security issues that might jeopardise the integrity of our devices and communications. Any at-risk user who encounters security-related problems can use this kit to mitigate the immediate consequences and find guidance to address ongoing security issues. The kit is simply written for computer non-experts. Since security is complex and simple answers might not always be sufficient, this kit also provides links to more exhaustive resources for additional support. The work on this kit has been guided by APC’s many years of work in the area of digital security, particularly its work with human rights defenders, those who deal with digital dangers most frequently as a matter of course in their work.

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