HackMeeting 2008

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Oct 17 2008 - Oct 19 2008



The HackMeeting is a participatory meeting in which the organizer/attendee dichotomy vanishes in the need of auto-organizing the meeting collectively.

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La Casa Invisible

New vision for computing in Africa: APC member Computer Aid featured in the BBC

LONDON 23 September 2008 (Computer Aid)

APC member Computer Aid has recently caught the BBC’s attention with its adaptive technologies in Kenya. The BBC’s Click covered Computer Aid’s new focus on making computers and their programmes available to everyone, including people who cannot see. You can read a the full BBC article, which examines how Computer Aid is helping Kenyans change their lives, and the challenges involved.

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World’s largest non-profit supplier of refurbished computers launches campaign for action against toxic trade

LONDON 23 September 2008 (Computer Aid)

APC member Computer Aid is urging the UK government to take action against the illegal dumping of e-waste (computers, hard drives, cd roms, etc.) in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and China. It is calling on the government to provide adequate funding for the Environment Agency to effectively police and prevent e-waste from being exported to the developing world. The campaign also targets commercial traders that are abusing re-use and recycling initiatives and computer manufacturers that are turning a blind eye to their equipment being dumped in these countries.

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The end of privacy

22 September 2008
BUDAPEST 22 September 2008 (Central European University ) -

International experts and e-activists meet in Budapest to discuss data retention on the internet

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September 18, 2008

Why the internet’s future depends on the greens

BUDAPEST 10 September 2008 (Pavel P Antonov for APCNews)

Smelled like a revolutionary spirit around Popinci, central Bulgaria, when residents and activists raised barricades around their village. They believed that a planned gold mining project in the nearby hills would harm the environment and their health. They demanded it to be cancelled. The villagers’ impulsive action has put the project on hold for the last three years. But this, or any other community, might not have been as successful in attaining a concrete outcome, had it chosen to fight for access to high speed internet. And the reason is simple. Unlike the environment, internet is not widely perceived by authorities, legislators and policy makers as an essential common good.

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The International Network of Women for Solidarity

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May 27 2008 - May 30 2008




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Cooperative Kine
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One World Platform

Breaking stereotypes about women, girls and technology in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE 14 August 2008 (Lenka Simerska for APC WNSP)

Taking control of technology for women’s advocacy took a different tack in the Czech Republic, where APC WNSP Europe introduced the project “Women into IT” to challenge stereotypes around women and ICTs and attract more women into the IT field.

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EU directive paints alternative ISPs black

BUDAPEST 3 August 2008 (maxigas for APCNews)

Stencil for German campaign against the EU Directive on data retention. Licence: CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0Stencil for German campaign against the EU Directive on data retention. Licence: CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0A European Union directive on data retention is set to be implemented in all member states from 2009, requiring all telecom providers to hold on to your email’s destination, the subject line and the sending time. European internet service providers are requested to retain not only email, but any metadata of communication originating from their network. But isn’t that a violation of the fundamental right to privacy, as defined by our 60-year old Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Isn’t it in direct defiance of APC’s Internet Rights Charter? Groups associated with the APC community, academics and radical technology collectives converge onto Budapest in September to seek a way out of Fortress Europe 2.0.

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Making e-government accessible in Croatia

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

In late 2007 ZaMirNET organised a national workshop with representatives of government agencies, academia and the business sector to exchange information about current e-government initiatives, as part of the Inclusive e-Government Network project. The Croatian government has been investing significant resources in the development of various e-services, and ZaMirNET wanted to point out the lack of compliance with recognised standards of web accessibility, which is prejudicing people with visual impairments.

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Participatory videos for NGOs and volunteers in Italy

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (APC for APCNews)

Cine KinèCine Kinè During 2007, Kinè ran a “Show!

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