Bosnia and Herzegovina: Women are vulnerable online, but also speaking up on the internet


During the last Internet Governance Forum, which took place in October in Bali, Indonesia, Analía Lavin from APCNews talked to Aida Mahmutović, from APC member Owpsee in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Owpsee is one of the national partners of APC’s project “End violence: women’s rights and safety online”.

Okvir and Foundation OneWorldSEE: We all have Responsibilities in the Fight for Freedom

21 October 2013 (Dejan Georgievski for OneWorldSEE)

On 11 October 2013, the press conference organised by the Okvir Association and the APC member Foundation OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe to mark the International Coming Out Day was forcefully interrupted by a group of young men. However, the fight for freedom, security, visibility and right of LGBTIQA persons is permanent and we all have responsibility to take that fight and report, process and sanction hate-crimes.

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Take action! Dangerous threats to freedom of expression and information in Macedonia

NEW YORK 29 August 2013 (AL for APCNews)

The government of Macedonia is proposing two media bills that, if approved, will severely impact Macedonians’ freedom of information and freedom of expression. Take action and ask the Minister of Information Society and Administration to reconsider the bills.

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Gender-based violence is hate speech, hate speech is not free speech

Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the EuroDIG 2013 (European Dialogue on Internet Governance) at the Council of Europe in Sarajevo on 21 June 2013, a platform for remote participation from Lisbon was organised by Foundation OneWorldSEE (owpsee) in cooperation with the Office of the Council of Europe.

We need public debate, not a secret tribunal, on covert British surveillance

8 July 2013 (Carly Nyst for The Guardian)

Privacy International’s Carly Nyst talks about PI’s legal action against the British government for co-operating with the US’ NSA/Prism programme and the Orwellian Investigatory Powers Tribunal, an opaque layer of the British legal system.

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Universal Periodic Review of Macedonia - Joint stakeholder submission

By AG and SF (June 2013, APC )

APC and Metamorphosis Foundation made a joint submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review in light of recent changes to laws in Macedonia, particularly with regards to media freedom. These changes effectively threaten fundamental human rights in Macedonia, both online and offline. The submission focuses on freedom of expression, freedom of press, privacy and hate speech.

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Freedom of expression under threat in Macedonia

JOHANNESBURG 27 June 2013 (AG for APCNews)

APC and Metamorphosis Foundation made a joint-submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review in light of recent legislative threats to freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of press, privacy and security, and hate speech.

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Macedonian government moves to limit online free speech and increase State control of the media

4 June 2013
JOHANNESBURG 4 June 2013 (APCNews) -


Macedonia is one of many countries where citizens struggle for democracy and against measures to control the media and limit freedom of expression and access to information online and offline.

Macedonian government moves to limit online free speech and increase State control of the media

JOHANNESBURG 3 June 2013 (AG for APCNews)

Answer an urgent call for support for Metamorphosis Foundation in their efforts to fight for internet and human rights of Macedonia’s citizens.

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UN member states must hold Azerbaijan to account for deteriorating human rights situation

GENEVA 30 April 2013 (ARTICLE 19)

The International Partnership Group on Azerbaijan, of which APC is a member organisation, urges the UN to hold Azerbaijan to account during its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for its failure to protect basic human rights.

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