Community Radio Handbook for Good Governance and Development to be Published Soon in Bangla by BNNRC, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Community Radio is going to make an important place in development field in Bangladesh.

Ten years of building progressive social movements in South Korea

BILASPUR 25 November 2008 (Anupama Saxena for APCNews)

The 1990s witnessed the exponential growth of online communication and simultaneously experienced its widespread impacts on all aspects of human activities. Worldwide progressive social movements recognised the potential of online communication and started using it as a networking tool for furthering their causes. APC member in South Korea, Jinbonet, was to see the flashpoint for their own birth in 1997, during a general strike, which “showed that computer networks could play a useful organising role across borders for each sector of the movement,” says Byoung-il of Jinbonet in an interview with APCNews to commemorate the organisation’s tenth anniversary.

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Role of Community Radio in Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh


Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC).is promoting the advocacy with the government in relation to community radio with other organizations since its emergence.

Jinbonet: Ten years of commitment, courage and innovation

JOHANNESBURG 12 November 2008 (AE for APC)

Congratulations to APC member Jinbonet of Korea, who will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 14th. As innovators of ICT for social justice, Jinbonet has been a leader in its commitment to social rights, gender equality, use of free and open source software (FOSS), and has been an integral part of APC’s work in Asia and at large. APC has learnt so much from this truly dedicated and steadfast organisation, and will continue to do so.

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Cyber Forensics Expert

New Delhi

Now a days everybody is seeing the cyber crime is sky rocketing and crossing all limits. So in this type of situation we are taking a big decesion to eradicate the cyber crime from india.

Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 Gazetted in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Right to Information Ordinance, 2008 (RTI) came into effect with the government publishing a gazette notification Monday, on 20 October, 2008.

Booklet on Gender Policy for Community Radio Stations published by BNNRC

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Community Radio is playing very significant role in the countries of South Asia responding to other regions of the world.

India to host the first ever Info-Activism Camp

6 October 2008 (Tactical Tech for Tactical Tech)

APC partner Tactical Tech, an international NGO that helps activists use information and ICTs to increase their impact, are currently accepting applications for the first international camp on info-activism. The Info-Activism Camp, a seven-day event will take place from February 19 – 25 2009 in Bangalore India. As the first meet-up of this type, participants will learn and share advocacy techniques using ICTs through workshops, group discussions, interactive sessions and live demos.

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RTI Ordinance in Bangladesh: Speakers tell seminar on Right to Know Day, 2008

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Speakers at a seminar on 28 September, 2008 called on all to extend cooperation in implementing the Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 for the greater benefit of the countrymen.

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008

Dhaka, Sept 20

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