ICT4Culture: Establishing a coalition Bangladesh Coalition for Cultural Diversity (BCCD)


Establishing a coalition Bangladesh Coalition for Cultural Diversity (BCCD)

UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity is adopted by the UNESCO in 2001.

Saving the future one strategic plan at a time

Melbourne, Australia

How does an organisation founded in the 20th Century devise a strategic plan for the 21st…

Pink panties and freedom of expression


Namita Malhotra from the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore explained to journalist Frederick Noronha what went into an unusual campaign in India which targetted conservative politicians and their ire

Media convergence and information rights in Australia

MELBOURNE 7 March 2009 (Ellie Rennie for Open Spectrum Australia)

Late 2008, Open Spectrum Australia (a kind of ‘think tank’ for community media) decided to bring together community media groups from both platforms to discuss the issue of media convergence. In order to provide a focus for the day, we came up with an information rights ‘campaign’ of our own and asked for feedback. This article reports on outcomes of the symposium, Quality/Control .

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Support Sarawak Gone, innovative micro-docs series

MELBOURNE 16 February 2009 (Andrew Garton for

Innovative micro-docs series produced by / Toy Satellite in association with Rengah Sarawak seeks support towards its completion. Sarawak Gone explores four remote Bidayuh communities accessible by foot within an hour’s drive from Kuching, capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia.

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Social networking - the new pressure group in India


My Goan colleague Frederick Noronha, a happily-married Indian man, to my surprise recently joined the Facebook group “A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women”.

APC’s latest annual report now available to millions in India and Pakistan

MONTEVIDEO 28 January 2009 (KAH for APCNews)

Back in 2007, when APC members and staff got together to translate and print the APC internet rights charter in twenty languages, campaigners in Asian countries in particular pointed out that information about information and communications technologies (ICT) is usually only available in English. “In Pakistan, not even the government provides basic ICT policy information in Urdu,” Bytes for All’s Shahzad Ahmad told APC. Now APC’s latest annual report is available in Urdu, a language spoken by 265 million people. Shahzad Ahmad talked to APCNews about the importance of this publication in his part of the world.

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