Bangladesh: Call for Achieving Vision-2021


Mentioned that the NGOs will put forward the national development goals of the Government of Bangladesh and work as the supplementary force of the government efforts. Envisioning a Bangladesh by 2021, a middle income country where poverty will be drastically reduced; citizens will be able to meet every basic need and development will be on fast track with ever-increasing rates of growth.

South Korean human and communication rights activist site now in English

CALGARY 6 October 2010 (LC for Jinbonet)

APC member Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet, a non-profit service provider in South Korea since 1998, has recently launched its website in English. The new site is comprised of a news feed, oganisational information and an archive of important English language documents on issues such as freedom of expression, privacy, copyright, pharmaceutical patents, etc., in South Korea. Jinbonet provides internet services like webmail, web hosting and blogs to South Korean activists, social movement organisations, and other progressive movements, and is also a meeting point where progressive ideas are generated and discussed.

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An online calculator and map visualising outcomes of four scenarios in terms of global CO2 savings from the use of IT services instead of flying and commuting. Possible selection of IT services, regions, scenarios and years for which potential savings are calculated.

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Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective (GRWHC) and Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)

An online interactive platform for sharing water-related information for India: water sources, water bodies, water consumption, water usage, water harvesting, and water shorateges and needs. Currently the platform is in its beta-phase and data is being populated using available information with GRWHC.

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India eGov 2.0 awards

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you all to send in your nominations for the India eGov 2.0 Awards 2010, instituted by eGOV magazine to bring to forth organisations that have been effectively using social media tools, websites and portals for governance and social development in India.

Strategic Priorities of Digital Bangladesh: EQUITABLE CITIZENS’ ACCESS

Dhaka Bangladesh

Our constitution envisions a state mechanism that guarantees equitable distribution of wealth among its citizens and of opportunities, which will eventually guide to the path of sustainable economic development.

EngageMedia produces Green Gone Wrong


In this day and age, people in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, are jumping on the “green” trends bandwagon in a quest to save the Earth from the effects of global warming.

ICT Update magazine, new issue: Irrigation

The latest issue of ICT Update magazine has just been published online at

ICT Update issue 56, August 2010: Irrigation

Figures from the FAO show that irrigation can increase crop yields by up to 400%.

Engendering a Philippine Action Plan to Address EVAW Consultation Workshop

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Jul 29 2010


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niversity Hotel, UP Diliman QC

Three “Cyber Evils” in South Korea

CALGARY 9 August 2010 (LC for APCNews)

Since South Korea’s conservative president was sworn in in 2008, administrative control on internet content has been getting progressively tighter in South Korea, a country with the second most connected population on Earth. Progressive groups criticise the government’s “three cyber evils”: the cyber insult law, the internet “real name” system and deep packet inspection to monitor and control internet communication.

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