Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication@Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum - IGF , Hong Kong


AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR, Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication will join the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum – IGF (APrIGF) in Hong Kong on June 14-16 2010, which is being graciously, hosted by the Hong Kong.

Head of the Bangladesh Delegation is H.E. Mr.

JAKARTA: Time for Reel Action Climate Crisis Video Launch

JAKARTA 2 June 2010 (Andrew Garton for EngageMedia)

Coinciding with World Environment Day EngageMedia is launching a curated compilation of videos that deal with climate change issues from an Asia-Pacific perspective. Time for Reel Action (T4RA) is a video compilation of climate change stories that explores the impacts, the action and climate solutions emerging from the region.

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Digital storytelling to fight violence against women - Pakistan


From June 7 – 11, South Asian APC member Bytes for All will unite fellow APC members and women activists alike for a joint event, funded by the APC’s Member Exchange Fund. Representatives from several APC organisations will meet in Islamabad to attend a workshop on digital storytelling and learn how to Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women.

Hyper-connected South Koreans face shrinking internet freedom, says UN

SEOUL 28 May 2010 (TP for APCNews)

The Republic of Korea has one of the highest percentages of broadband internet connectivity in the world, yet it trails miserably behind on internet freedoms, said a UN Special Rapporteur on a recent visit to the country. APC member Jinbonet reports that “Freedom of expression on the internet in South Korea is facing a serious crisis.” Koreans who criticise the government have to be prepared to allow articles be deleted or face prosecution.

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Facebook ban in Pakistan is shocking, says Bytes For All

ISLAMABAD 25 May 2010 (Bytes For All for APCNews)

Pakistanis woke up on Thursday 20 May to find sites like Facebook and YouTube blocked after a government crackdown on “blasphemous” websites. “We consider this ban unnecessary, based on wrongful accusations against civil liberties and it will further instigate hatred among international Muslim and non-Muslim communities,” APC member Bytes For All tells APCNews. In an update, we are told that more than 1000 sites are now being blocked. “We are in the midst of a major crisis,” says Bytes For All.

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Coming out of poverty: A model for traditional weavers in India

NEW DELHI 25 May 2010 (Osama Manzar for DEF)

Not even a year after APC member Digital Empowerment Foundation set up a centre in the small town of Chanderi, where weavers could create new designs on computers, lives like those of young Mohammad Furqan have take an unexpected turn for the better. The town and initiative have become an inspiration to reproduce throughout the entire country.

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Feminist Tech Xchange - Cambodia

Date and time: 
Oct 11 2010 (All day) - Oct 15 2010 (All day)

Feminist Tech Xchange - Cambodia

Date and time: 
Jul 26 2010 (All day) - Jul 30 2010 (All day)

Feminist Tech Xchange - Cambodia

Date and time: 
Jul 12 2010 (All day) - Jul 16 2010 (All day)

Feminist Tech Xchange - Cambodia

Date and time: 
Jun 21 2010 (All day) - Jun 25 2010 (All day)

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