Jordan, “Silicon Wadi,” censors 304 websites under new media law

24 July 2013 (Nadine Moawad for APCNews)

Jordanians speak up and take action against the government’s attempts to regulate and licence online “news websites”. Internet freedom activists have stressed the law’s restriction on freedom of expression and have called the licencing scheme that the law proposes obsolete and undemocratic.

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Human rights watchdog just doing its job

WELLINGTON 17 July 2013 (Joy Liddicoat for APCNews)

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission’s funding is under threat after the Commission commented on the human rights issues proposed in the new surveillance law.

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Time to reveal NSA's spying: Jinbonet calls South Korean government to take action

8 July 2013 (Korean Progressive Network 'Jinbonet')

On 30 June Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed that the NSA has tapped 38 embassies and missions in Washington, D.C. including the South Korean Embassy. The government of South Korean needs to take action on behalf of its citizens, who are among the victims of this global scandal. Jinbonet has translated into English its call to action on behalf of civil society in South Korea.

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Community Radio Contributes in Shaping Bangladesh a Rural Republic

Participatory development with a people-centric vision can make an effective promotion of community radios in Bangladesh. Aiming to achieve this objective —- a daylong Annual Planning and Review Meeting of Community Radio in Bangladesh was held on 30th April, 2013 at 10 am in IDB Auditorium, Dhaka.

UN member states must hold Azerbaijan to account for deteriorating human rights situation

GENEVA 30 April 2013 (ARTICLE 19)

The International Partnership Group on Azerbaijan, of which APC is a member organisation, urges the UN to hold Azerbaijan to account during its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for its failure to protect basic human rights.

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Bytes for All challenges censorship and surveillance in Pakistani court

24 April 2013 (KN for APCNews)

To publicly challenge increasing censorship, surveillance and internet filtering in Pakistan, APC member Bytes for All, and Media Legal Defense Imitative lodged a petition in the Lahore High Court in January 2013 claiming that the bans imposed on various websites were in blatant violation of civil and political rights.

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Training Cambodian youth to promote gender equality through ICTs

PHNOM PENH 21 March 2013 (Open Institute for APCNews)

Last month, Cambodia-based APC member Open Institute organised a training for students from several local academic institutions in Khmer, covering a wide range of tools like social networking for citizen journalists and FLOSS, or free and open source software. The training’s focus was to build capacity in using ICTs to promote gender equality.

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Security risks online: How much information do you give away?

Imagine the life of an Indian gender or sexuality rights activist. What work do they do? Who do they interact with? What threats do they face? Here are some snapshots (created by participants).

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EROTICS India: Women, sexuality and the internet

Within the arena of ‘women, sexuality and the internet’, the usual suspects of pornography, indecency, and non-consensual videography are often the first topics that come to mind. But women aren’t just subjects on the internet – they are users, too.

Five principles for a feminist approach to technology

When most people think about women and technology, the two things may seem incongruent: a cartoon visualisation of a woman struggling to use the toaster; a joke about women drivers; female executives calling in ‘the IT guys’ to fix their computers.

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