The Video-For-Change Africa Network is Born!

South Africa

Last week, video for change activists convened at the University of Cape Town in South Africa to share and learn from one another on how video is being used to create social change in East and Southern Africa.

APC's proposals for NETmundial

(March 2014, APC )
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Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill – a great blow to internet freedom

One month after Nigeria’s president signed into law a harsh law criminalising sexual minorities, Uganda has followed suit by signing it’s own “anti-gay”, as dubbed by the media, bill.

Nigerians take stock of their transition to digital media


A digital broadcasting roundtable, supported by APC and hosted by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, took place on February 18, 2014, in Lagos. Participants included representatives from national NGOs, TV and radio stations as well as newspapers.

Speeding up digital migration in Uganda without leaving citizens behind

NEW YORK 3 March 2014 (AL for APCNews)

What are the main obstacles to digital migration in Uganda? How will this technical process affect citizens and what are their main concerns? APCNews talked to Moses Owiny, from our member WOUGNET, about the challenges and opportunities the country is currently facing.

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Why shouldn’t private companies regulate the internet? Experts and activists discuss intermediary liability in South Africa


SABC covered the meeting by interviewing project coordinator, Emilar Vushe Gandhi [From minute 15:00 on]

Internet intermediaries are any companies that provide internet services, from physical networks to software developers.

Job opportunity: Internet rights outreach and capacity-building coordinator for the Maghreb-Machrek region

19 February 2014 (SF for APCNews)

APC is seeking an outreach and capacity building coordinator to join its policy to coordinate its internet rights networking and capacity-building work with women’s and human rights defenders in the Maghreb-Machrek region.

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Drafting an African internet bill of rights

JOHANNESBURG 14 February 2014 (AG for APCNews)

Civil society activists from sixteen African countries met on 12-13 February 2014 in Johannesburg to begin a dialogue towards the development of an African declaration on internet rights and freedoms.

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Digital migration workshop in Uganda


WOUGNET, in partnership with the Uganda Communications Commission and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), conducted a digital migration workshop in Uganda held at Colline Hotel Mukono on the 6th of February 2014.The purpose of the national workshop was to create awareness and share information on digital migration, discuss the d

Internet intermediary liability: Towards evidence-based policy and regulatory reform to ensure free expression and access to information on the internet

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Feb 10 2014 - Feb 11 2014


South Africa
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Intermediary liability


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Association for Progressive Communications

APC is hosting a workshop on “Internet intermediary liability: towards evidence-based policy and regulatory reform to ensure free expression and access to information on the internet” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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