APC and UgaBYTES join forces to evaluate gender and ICTs

BUWAMA 20 August 2008 (Francis Mwathi for UgaBYTES)

On the 6th of August 2008, Dafne Plou, an APC facilitator on the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) with telecentres, visited Uganda on a mission of evaluating how ICTs impact the community within gender lines.

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Software Freedom Day 2008

YAOUNDE 5 August 2008 (Avis Momeni for APCNews)

PROTEGE QV will join the rest of the world over to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2008 taking place on September 20 2008. The innovation in this year’s free and open source software activities in Yaounde, Cameroon, is that they will be help in an open air setting.

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Connecting South African rural paralegal advice offices

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

Ungana-Afrika has for a long time been preaching the importance of bundling capacity building with any technology project. In 2007, they were able to demonstrate the value of this approach through their Rural Connectivity project in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

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Putting ICTs to work for Egyptian women artisans

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

Handicrafts are an income-generating activity for many women in Egypt, but as producers these women often receive the lowest profit in the trading chain.

Privatisation on its own can be dangerous, workshop told

JOHANNESBURG 29 July 2008 (Alan Finlay for APCNews)

Privatisation without regulation does not necessarily improve service delivery, and may even decrease access to information and communication technology for the poor. This is the view of US-based academic and ICT policy analyst Robert Horwitz, who was speaking at a one-week research workshop held in Johannesburg in July 2008. Horwitz is no newcomer to South Africa, or to the politics behind antennas, cables and wires.

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New West African alliance to make internet more accessible names president

GOREE ISLAND 16 July 2008 (FD for APCNews)

Sylvie SyiamSylvie SyiamThe president of the Cameroonian non profit organisation and APC-member PROTEGE QV, Sylvie Siyam Siwe, was elected president of the GOREeTIC on Friday June 20 2008 in Senegal. She was unanimously voted in as the first president of the GOREeTIC nework – a newly created group of journalists, activists and ICT4D advocates who intend to make internet policy reform a top priority.

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APC's WOUGNET soars high in the use of SMS to share information

2 July 2008 (WOUGNET)

WOUGNET has explored the use of SMS in information sharing and carrying out SMS campaigns around different themes. In a test of Mobile Advocacy Tools a campaign on ICTs and poverty reduction, was successfully carried out in April/May 2008 and proves that SMS is a powerful tool of information sharing. WOUGNET members, partners and interested persons discussed questions sent out by the secretariat on the theme, ‘ICTs: Is your wealth a click away?

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Date and time: 
Oct 13 2008 - Oct 15 2008


South Africa


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MobileActive08 is the largest event to date focused on mobile technology for social development.

Other information

A new network advocating communication strategies is created in Gorée

20 June 2008
GOREE ISLAND 20 June 2008 (APC) -

The GOREe-TIC network was officially created Friday June 20th during the last day of a workshop covering the use and politics of ICT at the Gorée Institute.

PROTEGE QV celebrates the 2008 internet day in Cameroon


PROTEGE QV talks about the celebrations of the internet day in Cameroon. They were busy organising workshops, exhibiting new tools and helping young people how to find new jobs through the net.

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