Open Access: Lowering the costs of international bandwidth in Africa

By Mike Jensen (October 2005, APC )

This paper was commissioned by the APC as part of the Catalysing Access to ICTs in Africa initiative and to contribute to APC’s efforts to promote open access to ICT infrastructure in Africa. According to the author, a variety of factors are responsible for the lack of acess to bandwith in Africa, but the biggest cause is the high cost of international connections to the global telecommunication backbones.

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DRC: No electric infrastructure, no internet backbone?

OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO 21 August 2007 (Tiego Tiemtoré for APCNews)

Within the perspective of making high-speed internet accessible to the Congolese people, the development of an internet backbone in the Congo seems to be a necessity that could give an immediate boost. On Tuesday 7 August 2007, the feasibility study for an open internet backbone in the DRC was officially revealed in Kinshasa. APCNews quizzed Alphonse Ntita, a specialist in ICTs and internet infrastructure issues, who is part of the team of researchers behind the study.

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DRC: Developing the net in co-ownership

MONTREAL, CANADA 21 August 2007 (FD for APCNews)

“Feasibility study for an open internet backbone in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, this is what the ripened fruit has been called for close to a year by a team of seasoned researchers. François Ménard is one of those who were hands on in this exhaustive study. He is a project manager with the Canadian firm Xit Télécom. APCNews interviewed him on the subject of deploying a high-speed internet in Congo.

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DRC: Alternatives reveals the first independent study on an internet infrastructure that can serve the entire country

MONTREAL, CANADA 21 August 2007 (Michel Lambert for Alternatives)

The NGO Alternatives revealed the first independent feasibility study on the implementation of a vast high-speed internet infrastructure the size of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Carried out by Congolese and international researchers, the study proposes, in particular, that the implementation of the internet network be carried out in partnership with the Congolese National Electricity Company (SNEL).

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Harambee small grant helps Viva Network Africa put the net into networking

MEXICO, MEXICO 28 May 2007 (Erika Smith for APCNews for APCNews)

Viva Network sees effective networking among Christian organisations as a stepping-stone to making a difference for the children of the world. Its focus on networking training, governance, and facilitation makes Viva Network a perfect example of the benefits of collaborative effort – just what the Harambee Small Grants Facility was founded to support.

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A little goes a longer way with ICT-based networking

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 21 May 2007 (Katherine Walraven for APCNews for APCNews)

In the former Ethiopian capital of Mekelle, the Mekelle Child Centered Forum (MCCF) reaches approximately 5,840 disadvantaged children, youth, and women living in the city. The winner of one of this year’s Harambee awards, MCCF will use its grant money to expand its reach of service towards its target of 20,000 individuals.

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The fight against HIV/AIDS armed with blogs, wikis and emails

MONTREAL, CANADA 14 May 2007 (FD for APCNews for APCNews)

Often, people working in prevention of HIV/Aids experience difficulties in gaining an overview of successes and failures of HIV/Aids programmes in the most affected countries. The key information about vulnerable segments of the population who are not yet enrolled in these programmes is generally absent. It is around these two reasons that Réseau Sida Afrique’s work revolves. APCNews asked some questions to Lydie Diaboungana of the secretariat of the network, located in Brazzaville, in the Congo. Chronicle of a tough fight with the help of ICTs.

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Ever heard of soil health? If not, networking is taking it to your front door

MONTREAL, CANADA 9 May 2007 (FD for APCNews for APCNews)

The Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA) is a capacity building organisation for librarians, information specialists, scientists, researchers and students of sub-Saharan Africa. Better said, it assists them in mastering information and communication technology. APCNews talked to Gracian Chimwaza, executive director of ITOCA, about the organisation’s latest project aimed at groups working on ‘soil health’. The goal? Help them locate and access information cost-effectively.

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