First Solar Powered Rural Internet Kiosk installed in the South Coast of Kenya


Ukunda, Kenya, February 27, 2010 – For the first time, a Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK) has been installed for rural youth empowerment in Africa. Voices of Africa for Sustainable Development (VOA4SD) is building the capacity of local youth to empower themselves through the Internet and social enterprise.

Rural Nigeria: Radio and mobile phones change women's lives

11 February 2010 (AL for GenARDIS)

In Nigeria, a small radio association is using theatre to teach rural populations practical skills like how to how to obtain small loans, and also discusses issues related to gender inequality. Thanks to a small grant by the Gender and Agriculture in the Information Society (GenARDIS) initiative, the project called Majalisar Mata Manoma has come a long way from being a simple radio programme. It is about meeting spaces for women farmers, connecting radio and mobile phones too.

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Feminist tech Xchange - Congo

Date and time: 
Feb 24 2010 - Feb 27 2010


Republic of Congo

This meeting is part of the MDG3: Strengthening women’s strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls project run by the APC women’s programme (APC WNSP).

Feminist tech Xchange - DRC

Date and time: 
Feb 17 2010 - Feb 20 2010


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

This meeting is part of the MDG3: Strengthening women’s strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls project run by the APC women’s programme (APC WNSP).

Réforme des télécommunications: Cas du Cameroun

By Sylvie SIYAM, Serge KUATE, Serge DAHO, (February 2010, APC )

Le processus de restructuration du secteur des télécommunications au Cameroun a démarré en juin 1995 avec l’admission de ce secteur au programme de privatisation. Il s’est traduit par la mise sur pied d’un cadre juridique et institutionnel permettant d’assurer le désengagement de l’État de certains segments et l’ouverture du secteur à l’initiative privée. Ce qui a permis l’entrée dans le secteur de nombreux opérateurs publics et privés. Par contre certains opérateurs, des prix inabordables ont aussi fait surgir des opérateurs informels.

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GenARDIS Knowledge Sharing workshop

Date and time: 
Mar 24 2010 - Mar 27 2010


South Africa
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The knowledge-sharing workshop will be a space to enable the 15 grantees to share outcomes as well as to discuss best practices and lessons learned. It will also be used to gather case studies and stories to feed into the ongoing programmes of partner institutions, as well as for GenARDIS’ own evaluation process.

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Johannesburg (possibly Garden Place Guest House)

Telecentres in Uganda do not appeal to rural women

CALGARY 21 January 2010 (LC for APCNews)

In rural Uganda, telecentres that have been established to promote rural access to information and foster development are not getting the results they had hoped for. Using the APC WNSP’s Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) to understand why this is so, UgaBYTES, a Uganda-based NGO that works to promote access to ICTs in rural East Africa, has found that beyond the common obstacles to access like technical infrastructure, connection costs and computer literacy, women face numerous additional barriers if they want to use ICTs to improve their lives.

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Illegal telco operators in Cameroon: The most reasonable option

CALGARY 4 January 2010 (LC for APCNews)

In Cameroon, internet and telephone services are unaffordable – to the extent that at least half of the population has to resort to illegal operators, which are the only ones to make services like the internet affordable to the average Cameroonian.

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Open Spectrum For Development: Kenya Case Study

By Muriuki Mureithi PhD (December 2010, APC )
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