Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Ghana workshop report

By Tanko Mohammed (June 2011, APC and Balancing Act )

The Ghana analog to digital migration workshop brought together almost 40 key stakeholders from the different sectors and provided them with key information of the mandated migration and educated them of the urgency, consequences, cost and strategies that could be taken during this initiative.

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ICTs and environmental sustainability: Egypt baseline study

By Leila Hassanin & Nahla Hassan (May 2011, APC and Arabdev )

This report looks at how ICTs are being used in Egypt to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as how e-waste is managed in the country. It documents the key stakeholders involved, offers an overview of the policy and legislative context, analyses challenges and trends, and identifies several key areas for civil society advocacy.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Nigeria Workshop Report

By Emmanuel Edet (August 2011, APC )
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Tech-pests target women

Independent Online, SOUTH AFRICA,
Tech-pests target women
28 September 2011

Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Regional Report

By Nnamdi Nwokike (June 2011, WATRA )

This informative workshop report by WATRA outlines the major discussion points and issues brought up by presenters during the workshop- such as benefits and the various challenges related to the transition, and provides country summaries for three countries that are at different stages of the migration: Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

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Digital broadcast transitioning: The benefits – and the obstacles

CALGARY 5 September 2011 (LC for APCNews)

Africa has committed to move to digital broadcasting by June 2015. In West Africa, very few countries have begun the migration. Rife with challenges, the process is daunting to most, with the benefits largely unclear. A new paper from APC and Balancing Act investigates.

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Issue papers for Southern African IGF good preparation for Nairobi

JOHANNESBURG 1 September 2011 (Alex Comninos for APC/ SANGONeT)

New issue papers on cloud computing, mobile phones, privacy and security, critical internet resources, and access and diversity are a good introduction to some of the issues upcoming at the Sixth Internet Governance Forum.

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Digital TV in West Africa: Who's taking the plunge and how?

CALGARY 31 August 2011 (LC for APCNews)

Of West Africa’s sixteen countries, only a handful have committed in earnest to the move to digital broadcasting – though all African states have signed up to undertake the migration by June 2015. New research from APC with Balancing Act gives an overview of the state of the transition and recommendations for countries.

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