Egypt's Supreme Council goes "old school" on Egyptian blogger

The retrial of jailed Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad was postponed this week, sparking anger and protest.

Maikel has been imprisoned since 28 March for his criticism of the military government, however, his original sentencing was overturned on appeal.

Feminist Technology Exchange (FTX) - South Africa

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Mar 7 2011 - Mar 9 2011


South Africa
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Feminist Tech Exchange
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Take Back the Tech!


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Chakula, an African ICT policy newsletter: Past editions

By APC (October 2011, APC )
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Rural realities, real solutions: ICT4D conference in Johannesburg

MONTEVIDEO 17 October 2011 (SANGONeT for APCNews)

The 7th edition of APC member SANGONeT’s ICT4RD 2011 confronts the realities of rural development and explores the innovative use of ICTs to catalyse the growth of ICT4RD solutions for scale from November 1-3.

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TV white spaces can open up low-cost high-speed internet across Africa: All we need is the regulatory go-ahead

JOHANNESBURG 13 October 2011 (KAH for APCNews)

“We have the skills, the entrepreneurs, a spectrum model we can replicate, the standards, the technology and clearly we have the demand” said South African Henk Kleynhans in the wake of a TV white spaces workshop in Johannesburg last week. “All we need is a regulatory go-ahead.”

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Recommendations made at the WATRA workshop on the migration to digital broadcasting in West Africa

ACCRA 11 October 2011 (WATRA for APCNews)

West-African countries are currently in a race against time to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. A one-day regional workshop held by the West African Telecoms Regulators Assembly (WATRA) and ECOWAS helped establish recommendations and steps for going forward to help those countries undergoing the transition.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Ghana workshop report

By Tanko Mohammed (June 2011, APC and Balancing Act )

The Ghana analog to digital migration workshop brought together almost 40 key stakeholders from the different sectors and provided them with key information of the mandated migration and educated them of the urgency, consequences, cost and strategies that could be taken during this initiative.

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ICTs and environmental sustainability: Egypt baseline study

By Leila Hassanin & Nahla Hassan (May 2011, APC and Arabdev )

This report looks at how ICTs are being used in Egypt to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as how e-waste is managed in the country. It documents the key stakeholders involved, offers an overview of the policy and legislative context, analyses challenges and trends, and identifies several key areas for civil society advocacy.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Nigeria Workshop Report

By Emmanuel Edet (August 2011, APC )
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