Taking the highway to Grahamstown

GRAHAMSTOWN 7 September 2012 (FD for APCNews)

Five years back, I took the highway to Grahamstown, South Africa. I had landed in Port Elizabeth before being picked up by a Rhodes University shuttle bus. This year, Highway Africa is taking place at Rhodes in Grahamstown for the 16th time and looking at the media’s coverage of Africa’s rising.

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Women, mobiles and rural Uganda

22 August 2012 (WOUGNET)

Every six months, WOUGNET produces an informative newsletter on issues around internet, mobile phones and other ICTs and how they are using them to make a difference. This issue explores women and ICTs in rural Uganda, and questions whether mobiles are a luxury or a necessity nowadays.

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Launch of Solar Powered Long-Distance Wireless Workshop

13 August 2012

The PISCES Project workshop on Wireless Networking in the Developing World got off to a great start on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

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South Sudan: The #OSJUBA event stresses early moves by net activists

Imagine a city torn by war, overwhelmed with daily influx of people from the countryside, becoming the capital of a country from one day to the next. And then picture crazy computer people ruffled together in an abandoned supermarket, thousands of kilometres away, in another city, trying to fix the first city. These two images put together are called #OSJUBA. OS for open source and Juba for the capital of the latest country in the world, South Sudan.

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Who controls the Internet? Final statement of the Pan African Civil Society Workshop

NAIROBI 2 August 2012 (Anriette Esterhuysen for APC)

From July 26-27, diverse civil society organisations from the human rights, media and ICT policy sectors met in Nairobi to discuss “Who controls the internet” at a Pan African Civil Society workshop. This is their final statement.

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Uganda is a ripe state for open governance data

PERGAMINO 5 July 2012 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

In the context of APC’s Action Research Network project, CIPESA developed a series of reports as a result of their research in open government data in Uganda, which shows the increasing demand for transparency and accountability through the use of ICT, as well as the existence of great expectations of the benefits that OGD could bring to the country.

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Report on open governance network building in Uganda

By APC and CIPESA (April 2012, APC )

This report registers the process of the open governance network building achieved during the research process in Uganda. It describes advocacy and awareness raising developed through meetings and interviews with more than 30 individuals, the use of mailing lists and social media to create awareness about open governance, dissemination and advocacy for OGD and network development with key organisations.

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Internet Governance Forum: “We want laws that will take us forward”

What position will Central Africa adopt at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Africa? To borrow an expression from Justine Diffo Tchunkam, a teacher at the University of Yaoundé II, Central Africa has a common vision, but no common position with regard to regulation of the ICT sector.

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