Use of ICTs to improve access to justice and health for women and children victims of sexual and domestic violence in the Republic of Congo. A Survey Report

By Sylvie Niombo and Romeo Mbengou (November 2014, APC and AZUR Développement )

This survey, conducted in Pointe-Noire and Nkayi, has enabled the identification of the recurrent forms of violence to which women are subject in these two towns; the identification of the obstacles to access to justice and health; an inventory of the use of information and communication technologies in fighting violence against women; and the proposal of recommendations for civil society, partners, donors and the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and Women’s Integration in Development as well as town councils. The results of the survey will certainly contribute towards actions by civil society and various stakeholders involved in the response to sexual and domestic violence in the Republic of Congo.

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Reaching out to rural NGOs in South Africa

South Africa

[img_assist|nid=19626|title=|desc=SANGONeT’s latest initiatives build capacity for NGOs in rural South Africa.

Why internet rights matter for Africa(ns)

When I found myself suddenly having to care for and look after my new born child alone, I panicked. I panicked because I had never done this before and the ten minute tutorial on washing and feeding my infant that the nurse gave me at the hospital was lacking in many ways.

Call for Applications for the second African Internet Governance School 2014

JOHANNESBURG 3 September 2014 (APCNews)

APC and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency–e-Africa Programme call for applications to the second African School on Internet Governance to be held from 23 – 26 November 2014. The venue of the school will be advised in due course.

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#NotAnotherDay in Prison for Egyptian Activists

27 August 2014 (APCNews)

APC strongly condemns the continued and arbitrary detention of Alaa Abd El Fattah and Sanaa Seif for violation of Egypt’s highly restrictive public assembly law. Today, APC sadly mourns the death of Alaa and Sanaa’s father and esteemed human rights defender and lawyer, Ahmad Seif al Islam. We call on the APC community to campaign for the release of Alaa, Sanaa and all unjustly detained activists.

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CIPESA's reflections on the Third Africa Internet Governance Forum, 2014

Abuja, Nigeria

With the internet projected to reach almost 20 per cent of the Africa population in 2014, it becomes important to discuss modalities under which it should remain an open and reliable tool for development. It is with this background that Africa Internet stakeholders gathered in Abuja, Nigeria, July 10 -14, 2014 to deliberate on key internet governance issues affecting the continent.

Training in urban community agriculture in Cameroon

An agronomist assists a training participant to identify and break the eyelets on a plantain sucker. Photo: PROTEGE QVAn agronomist assists a training participant to identify and break the eyelets on a plantain sucker. Photo: PROTEGE QVAs part of its urban agriculture programme, PROTEGE QV organised a training workshop in 2013 on the rapid multiplication of plantain “suckers” for planting.

ALIN adopts ICTs to digitise farmers’ records in Kenya


The Sokopepe website services small-scale farmers in Kenya. Screenshot.The Sokopepe website services small-scale farmers in Kenya. Screenshot.Kenya-based Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) has spun off a social enterprise company known as Sokopepe Limited [].

Coordinating civil society input into the African Union cyber security convention

[img_assist|nid=19601|title=|desc=African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Sustaining wireless networks in a war situation in Nigeria


[img_assist|nid=19577|title=|desc= Fantsuam se debate con el problema de la falta de energía eléctrica porque sus baterías solares están ya prontas para el recambio.

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