Communications and Information Policy Programme

The goal of APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme (CIPP) is to build more inclusive ICT decision-making processes by facilitating civil society engagement through the improvement of its participants’ capacity and supporting advocacy, at national and international levels. APC believes that civil society inclusion in policy-making will lead to their involvement in implementing and monitoring policies, and ultimately to societies in which there is greater citizen participation.

Style information: The full programme name takes capital letters. For an abbreviated form, use "policy programme".

Source: APC Annual Report 2005

The documentary on the historical event of establishing the first Small and Medium Forest Enterprise (SMFE) in India

East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, INDIA

The Government of India as a part of its state planning under the eleventh plan is promoting Small and Medium Enterprise to enhance the rural income and ensure rural development. National Afforestation and Eco-development Board as a working body of Ministry of Environment and Forests, is facilitating Joint Forest Management Committees for their sustenance by implementing seven Small and Medium Forest Enterprise pilot projects through its Regional Centres in seven different regions.

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