access to information

The right to access to publicly-funded information means that all information, including scientific and social research, that is produced with the support of public funds should be freely available to all. More broadly, access to information also refers to communities or individuals gaining access to information which was previously not available to them, as a result of access to information and communication technologies and/or the internet.

Style information: This phrase should almost always go in lower case unless it is included in the title of an instrument or publication.

Source: APC Internet Rights Charter

Role of Community Radio in Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh


Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC).is promoting the advocacy with the government in relation to community radio with other organizations since its emergence.

Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 Gazetted in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Right to Information Ordinance, 2008 (RTI) came into effect with the government publishing a gazette notification Monday, on 20 October, 2008.

RTI Ordinance in Bangladesh: Speakers tell seminar on Right to Know Day, 2008

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Speakers at a seminar on 28 September, 2008 called on all to extend cooperation in implementing the Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 for the greater benefit of the countrymen.

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008

Dhaka, Sept 20

Article 19 Booklet on The Public’s Right to Know, Principles on Freedom of Information Legislation in Both Bangla and English

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication( is working in association with other partner organizations regarding the need for a Right to Information Law since its inception.

Community Radio Initiators Ready to Run the Stations Soon in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) along with other like-minded organizations has been conducting advocacy with the Government for community radio in Bangladesh since its ince

Can the Commons be Universal? Embracing Linguistic Diversity at Sapporo


iSummit 08iSummit 08This week, free thinkers and open culture activists from around the world will gather in Sapporo, Japan, for the fourth global ICommons ISummit. The Summit will cover many exciting aspects of the Commons and open content movements, including open education, DIY video, and academic research on free culture.

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