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Feminist Tech Exchange Planning Meeting

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Aug 3 2008 - Aug 5 2008


South Africa


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Trainers planning meeting in preparation for the Feminist Tech Exchange in South Africa November 10-12.

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Members Involved: 
Monkey Valley, Noordhoek

DIY video and the Asia Commons

Sapporo, Japan

That I would blog, or prepare a report at this time, when there are several people dedicated to recording the iSummit is likely an exhausting prospect.

No summit too high

Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo at workSapporo at work Japanese service staff are so eager to assist, to ensure one is more than adequately served that it is a wonder, in their exuberance, they do not break! It has been said many many times that the Japanese are efficient. Today, Day 01 of the iSummit, I could do with a healthy dose of efficiency to bolster the headache incurred at the hand of the Shot Bar’s skilled shaker of an 800 Yen Martini.

The iSummit kicked off with a pro-active presentation and welcome introduction from Heather Ford, diving straight into global issues and the scope, the urgent need for open strategies to address them. She was also quite direct about the global instrumentalities and institutions that have been largely ineffective in dealing with the very real problems we face… climate change, poverty, land use.

Equitable access: Papers and commentaries

By Various (July 2008, APC )
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Media piracy: Approaching IP from the South

JOHANNESBURG 21 July 2008 (Natalie Brown for APCNews)

As new copyright laws attempt to keep pace with the shifting landscape of digital cultural production, legal restrictions on media use and distribution are being championed by heavyweights in the global media industry. This has led to the web of restrictions on media consumption becoming denser. Civil society network APC hopes to re-shape the discourse surrounding piracy by providing a thoroughly researched, credible alternative to the industry’s data.

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Without journalists many human rights abuses would never be uncovered

Paris, France

Recognising outstanding contributions by the media, 30 journalists from around the world will be selected by a professional international jury in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal D

Employment opportunity: Evaluation consultancy at Hivos

THE HAGUE 21 July 2008 (Hivos)

At the end of 2008 Dutch funder Hivos will commission an external evaluation of its ICT & Media programme “Making Civil Voices Heard” to be carried out in the course of 2009. A call for proposals & terms of reference will be circulated in October 2008 to interested evaluation researchers. People interested in receiving the terms of reference for this position should send a very brief CV to Karel Chambille, Hivos Evaluation Manager, at k.chambille[at]

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A new blog space on the "freedom and responsibility in the media"


From June 29 to July 25, the journalists will use the blog to post their ideas, criticism, questions and answers relating to the main topic of the Internation Institute of Jounalism (Berlin) Summer Ac

Take Back the Tech! wins honorary mention from Prix Ars Electronica 2008

MEXICO CITY 2 July 2008 (Erika Smith for APC WNSP)

The Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Programme is proud to announce that Take Back the Tech was awarded an honorary mention by the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica International Competition for Cyber Arts for its innovative, collaborative campaign to end violence against women.

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OECD Talks Convergence, Creativity, Confidence - Answers Welcome!

Universal access to networks also was mentioned as key by Anriette Esterhuysen of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC).

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