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Statement from APC on the IGF open consultations, Geneva, February 2008

By Policy programme (February 2008, APC )

The first preparatory meeting for the next Internet Governance Forum (scheduled for December 2008 in India) was held in Geneva on 26 February 2008. APC issued a statement recommending the implementation of regional and national IGFs, using sustainable development as a key theme and advising on the format of working groups to address and follow up on key issues.

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GEM II: Telecentre and Rural ICT4D Thematic Adaptation Workshop

Tagaytay City
Date and time: 
Mar 10 2008 (All day) - Mar 14 2008 (All day)

This workshop will focus on gender evaluation for rural ICT4D and telecentres projects from around the world, by adapting the APC Women’s Networking Support Programme’s Gender Evaluation Methodology f

APC board and staff meeting 2008

Ithala Conference Centre - NTSHONDWE CAMP
Date and time: 
Feb 2 2008 (All day) - Feb 10 2008 (All day)

Day by Day Schedule

31 Jan or morning of 1 Feb: Arrive Johannesburg if only attending staff meeting

1 Feb: Depart to Ithala

Executive Board and Staff meetings Feb 2nd to 4th

World Summit on the Information Society Phase II, Tunis, PrepCom I Report

By Karen Banks (July 2004, APC )

This report touches on issues such as the human rights and ‘north-south’ agendas, as well as the preparation by civil society in the WSIS process up to 2004. It includes brief observations, suggested discussion points and strategies needed to protect and strengthen civil society participation in the WSIS process.

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APC at the Web2forDev conference and training Web2.0 practitioners in Kampala

ROME 19 December 2007 (Karel Novotný for APCNews)

For the first time, in September 2007, a large group of people involved in one way or another with development work met to discuss the possibilities and drawbacks of sophisticated web-based applications in situations of low bandwidth and limited access to powerful hardware. Many of them had the chance to experiment with the tools in a workshop APC co-organised at a conference called Web2forDev. The interest of this community, gradually expanding under the ‘Web2forDev’ label, focuses on how cutting-edge technology can help to close the gap in access to ICTs, as opposed to widening it further.

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Evaluation report on APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme

By Debbie Budlender (April 2006, Community Agency for Social Enquiry )

From August 2005 until April 2006, an evaluation of APC’s information and communication technology (ICT) policy involvement from 2002 to mid-2005 was carried out by an independent consultant. “The overall conclusion from this evaluation has to be that APC is an energetic, active, committed organisation that has achieved a lot with limited staff and resources. [.. and] APC is highly respected. This respect comes from a range of different players and extends over technical, advocacy, and political aspects of its work”, but, says the writer, “Perhaps the overwhelming message is to aim lower”.

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WSIS process and issues debated

By Valeria Betancourt (April 2004, APC )

This fifteen page paper by the coordinator of APC’s Latin American ICT Policy Monitor covers the background to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), stakeholders, the process (including the Geneva and Tunis rounds), themes discussed in round one, and looks at results.

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